Manga Review: I do I do by Han Yu Rang

g159a-000Good evening!
Today I’ll review a Korean manga, or better say manhua. This is the first time I read something like this, because I had only read Japanese and Chinese manga so far.
This can be labeled as a shojo in manga language, although I am not too sure because there’s also violence and whatnot (but not intimate scenes).
The author is Han Yu Rang, that wrote many mangas I think had success in Korea. I wonder if they ever did a drama with one of their works.
Volumes: 15 (completed)

I Do, I Do (아이 두 아이 두 literally = two children, because 아이 is child in korean) is the story of Park Moon Soo, a 17 year girl who goes to high school and lives with her uncle, until some day he disappears and doesn’t get back at home. Moon Soo gets worried and finds out her uncle probably run away since he owes some money to a loan shark. She wants to find out more about this because her uncle is the only family she has, and her worst nightmare seems to have the answer. The guy in question is Yoon Bak Ha, a rich and violent fellow that dares to slap and discard Moon Soo just because she is poor. It turns out that the loan shark is his grandmother, and she offers Moon Soo to live with them to repay the debt by doing the chores in their house, until her uncle comes back. The proximity with Bak Ha, whom she hates dearly, will test her but who knows that another type of feeling may blossom…

I didn’t get bad vibes from this manga. It wasn’t a masterpiece, but it wasn’t bad either. If you’ve watched korean dramas, the plot won’t seem new to you: rich boy-poor girl relationship, violence in the schools and manipulation, revenge over bullshit, pride hurt easily… On some parts it was predictable because of that, but it managed to surprise me on others. Had the development be deeper I would have enjoyed it more.

RATING: 3.5/5


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