Kdrama Review: One More Happy Ending

한번 더 해피엔딩.E12.160225.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(112096)21-27-13]Hello and wow, it seems like these last months I only wrote about this drama. Sorry! This is the only things I have watched because of exams and hard studying, and I am glad I finished it because many times I can’t even do that with some works… In the One More Happy Ending tag of my blog you can read more reviews about this drama by me. ^^

What can I say? This drama didn’t have an original plot and we knew that, but it managed to keep itself interesting and funny for me until the end, in fact I think I never stopped it while it played. The actors did a wonderful job at portraying their characters despite the load of work and the dissatisfaying ratings (I blame currently airing dramas for that, but that’s another story).

Let’s start with the first couple, Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk. I am content they got their happy ending, even though we had to wait for her to accept his proposal. In a way it irked me a bit because I wanted her to accept when he proposed to her (he prepared all those roses and cheesy video, it was so cute!), but after I thought about it, it was right for MM to wait a bit. She has been married once and she doesn’t want to be divorced nor lose SH once again. She realized that quarrels and moments where she’ll feel SH is too picky (haha like with the bone or the coffee in the car) and so would he, but a relationship can’t be all flowers and roses. SH tried his best to show her he will make her smile everyday, and thankfully she decided to propose to him in the end. I guess the accident where he luckily wasn’t hurt played its part, but also not. I think MM wanted to accept SH’s proposal from the start but was too scared, as she said herself. Too bad we didn’t get baby Song, but perhaps there were too things to take care of to also think about that, and the ending might’ve been too predictable. SH kept playing his “wifey” part until the end when he caught the bouquet at DJ’s wedding, and it made me laugh, haha. Cheers to Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho, after this drama I am even more your fan. ^.^

Now Gun Hak and Da Jeong. When the drama started, I worried they might divorce. It looked like this relationship was over, and they would have to fight a legal battle to keep their son. I am thankful I was wrong, and that DJ and GH mended their broken relationship and found out to love each other again, because their love never faded, imo. They misunderstood each other a lot and GH didn’t pay attention that his wife was hurting, while she pretended to be harsh towards him. They couldn’t say I love you and give each other nicknames at first because they were embarrassed, but once they unlocked that shyness, things went very well for them and it felt right to get married once again to confirm those vows.

Dong Mi and Jung Woo are another couple I was skeptic about. The reason was their opinions of life, so to speak. When a person reaches an age, they want to fulfil different things. Dong Mi, who was already 34, naturally didn’t want to wait anymore and get married and have a child before it’s too late. Her boyfriend could want marriage as well, but it is rare that a 25-year-old would want to settle down so early without the security of a stable job. This didn’t mean things couldn’t work out. DM is scared that time will pass, and time will pass for sure, but as it goes, she may appreciate her man more than her desires if they aren’t fulfilled in the time she wants them to realize. Look at DJ, she wanted to have a baby but she had to wait a lot of years before she got pregnant. I hope for DM and JW that things will progress well, I am happy that DM decided to give it a try and didn’t leave a good guy like JW seems.

Dong Bae and Ae Ran. This couple also surprised me. When we found out DB had cheated with AR at her wedding, I believed they were done because if you love somebody, you don’t cheat on them. When AR refused to live with him, DB realized what he was losing and tried his best to win her trust back. I was glad AR fought a bit in the beginning, she didn’t want to be fooled again and she shouldn’t have got back with his so easily. With her choice to study and get better at what she does in her life, that is a plus. I felt like because of her career as an idol, she couldn’t live her dreams like she wanted to. I trust that she will succeed in the future because she has perseverance.

Last couple is Hae Joon and Yeon Soo. Let me tell you, I shipped them. She had this linger feelings for him after their divorce, but he had never loved her completely. I think he was more infatuated with her and accepted to go along her feelings after SS stayed with SH. Their marriage just happened because HJ couldn’t say no, imo. He thought he liked his wife but in the end he was too egocentric to realize her feelings and that he didn’t feel the same. He perhaps didn’t want to be alone and thought his feelings would deepen but this didn’t happen and YS was truly hurt. When he saw her moving on and having blind dates, I believe he thought about his feelings for her but he didn’t act upon them because what he felt for Mi Mo was stronger. It was sad to let her go for both, but perhaps that was the best choice for this couple. They will look up on each other at work, this I am sure about.

So sad that the drama ended, btw!!! There were some things I wasn’t happy about, but whatever. You can’t have everything in life. Waiting for future projects by this lovely cast. ❤ ❤ ❤
RATING: 8.5/10


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