Book Review: Love’s Secret Torment by Stacy L. Darnell

22887142I got this book in exchange for a honest review.
I must admit, after I read the nice comments on the book’s page and the intriguing story, I decided to read this book. I rely a lot on reviews when I am looking for a new read, although they turn out to give an opinion that differs from mine when I finish reading. It was the case of this book.
“Love’s Secret Torment” starts out with the story of Sam, a girl who still goes to school. She meets Alec, who soon becomes her boyfriend. They are each other first loves, but life will test them. The premise is good, and I was excited to read because it seemed both characters had some emotional baggage to discover, especially Alec.

While I continued reading, though, I didn’t feel like the character’s souls were showed. The events went too slow or too fast, and it seemed like everything was forgiven or forgot too soon. It didn’t feel right and it also seemed that the events were presented in a superficial way, but as curious as I was, I patiently waited for the book to unfold.

As I passed 50% of the book, I was skeptical to continue, but I wanted to see if maybe things would get better moving forward (you know, some books get better after the first 50-100 pages). But this didn’t happen. The thing that saddens me the most is that there were a couple of good moments where I was enthralled to read and where I was stimulated, and more of one moment where I was annoyed with how things were handled.
Like I said above, it felt like the writing was superficial and lazy, as if there wasn’t attention in looking for snynonyms. I especially got bored at that “I love you” “Love you always” dialogue Alec and Sam exchange in the first half of the book. You can say ILY in a lot of ways! But the ways these characters spoke looked robotic, as if they couldn’t say more words than the ones put in their database by a programmator. I didn’t like how the same catch phrases were used, and how the things every character did were written like a shopping list.
I wasn’t able to connect with the characters nor feel sad or happy for them, and there are a lot of moments in this book where you could be emotional. It just didn’t deliver for me. The characters felt flat and their actions repetitive, just like the writing.
I just wish it had gone differently, because for some events, there were great, great, great ways to unfold the story and the psychology of the characters. This is why I gave this book 2 stars.


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