One More Happy Ending Considerations Eps 1-10

One_More_Happy_Ending-p3Hello everybody!!!

Today I finished watching all the episodes that have aired, and now I am full of questions. This drama went unusual to me, in a good way. First of all, I didn’t expect the main leads to kiss on episode 1 and almost get married. Then, I didn’t expect that MM would also go and like HJ so soon and date him. It is super nice how they are building up the relationship between not only MM and SH, but also between them and HJ. They are also doing this with the other women, whose stories I find refreshing because it is rare to find a “feminine” drama that tries to focus on more sides of the same issue and give different points of view. And last but not last, glad they paired up JNR and JKH together because I already loved them both because I think they are very good at expressing a variety of emotions (especially sad ones).

Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon are basically complete opposites in this play. SH is the altruist that puts other’s needs before his own. He is apparently confident, but it is a façade he built to be strong for his son. After his experience with Soon Soo and the words her brother told him “you made my sister die”, he closed his heart to women and decided to only focus on Min Woo and what is best for him. All of the love he couldn’t give to women, he gave it to MW, who is a very lucky child since his father tried not to make SS’s absence be felt too much. On the other side we have HJ, who is the typical shy guy who isn’t able to do stuff for other people if not in the clothes of a doctor. I believe he is not egoist, he just doesn’t know how to listen and observe others and realize they are in pain. His ex wife told him, and you can tell from how he acts. He tried to be a shoulder to cry on/hug for MiMo, but he was satisfied when she told him she was ok, which she wasn’t. In this equation, he feels jealousy when he sees SH and MM interact, because he would like to be “useful” or better say “thoughtful”, like Soo Hyuk, who is a natural at this. He is a natural not because he is a father (we know how fathers on dramas and life can be detached too), it is just his personality that is like that, the same way HJ doesn’t seem to realize some things.

I see MiMo and Hae Joon together, and I am bored. C’mon, they have been together for weeks and they only had a peck on the lips! Not that there can’t be relationships like this, because you can show love in other ways, but you get tired at some point if your so called lover gets mad because his rival is in the picture. Putting this aside, the guy is like a stone. He strives to show more to MM, but he isn’t able to because he thinks of what is good to him. And when he told her that he kissed her because she was talking about SH, that was ABSURD! Thankfully MM is a strong woman and she walked away. In conclusion, this relationship won’t go anywhere because it is just one part (Mi Mo) that is trying to make it work.

When I see Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo, however, the music changes. SH is not perfect, he has a lot of flaws, but he is adapt for MM. He does what she would like a partner would do to her, and you can notice from the smallest gestures like putting his coat on her, put his covers on her during the ep at their elementary school, buy meds when she hurt her foot in the ep when they did volunteer work, he went to Hong Kong to find those clients with the fraud story etc etc. These things show his love for her and when people threw eggs at him for the article where he defends her, MM cries not only because she is grateful and doesn’t want him to get hurt in her place, but also because she perhaps is realizing she also feels something for him in his heart. They may be “needing” the same thing without knowing. MiMo needs a man who would like every side of her, even the weirdest one, and that would not cheat on her. Soo Hyuk shut his heart for women but he needs one to heal his broken heart. I thank JKH’s superb acting when they showed the flashback of how Min Woo’s mother died, because he showed us how his character was heartbroken for real when this happened. The world collapsed at his feet and he was truly devastated that he didn’t get to properly show his girlfriend that he wanted that baby. He thinks he deserves to be alone because he “let” his first love die, and he was so crazy when MM fainted on ep 10, because he was scared the history would repeat. To some degree, he may even believe he doesn’t deserve his son’s love, because MW really wants his happiness and is proud of him as a son but he doesn’t believe he is much worth because of what happened in the past. He wants to interfere between MM and HJ because his heart beat again after all those silent years where he cherished MinWoo. But at the same time he tells himself no because HJ, his best friend, is with MM and he wouldn’t want to disturb their relationship. (Oh HJ sucks as a best friend tbh).

All these things being said (hopefully you read the whole post XD)… Now I don’t know what will happen. MM surely feels grateful for what SH did behind the scenes, but as the loyal person she is, she may try to respond to the help and get him out of the mud. SH, as the tragic hero like Romeo he is, will sacrifice himself for his Juliet. He may even distance himself from her to help her push him away and only think about her relationship with Hae Joon. But this won’t work because MiMo will understand that she also loves Soo Hyuk. In the end their love will triumph. Remember what the teacher of the elementary school said? That this time they were gonna do Romeo & Juliet once again, but with a different ending. The point of this drama is: can there be another happy ending? R&J is a tragedy, and this is how the first story of Soo Hyuk and MiMo ended during school. Now they are grown ups and fate wants that they met again, so this time could end well. In my mind the ending could be the beginning reversed: it’s SH and MM that get married and he proposes to her (or even her to him), and they end up having a child, since it seemed like MM wanted a baby before she is too old.


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