One More Happy Ending Episode 1

One_More_Happy_Ending-p3Yo! I finally gave in and watched a new drama today. My choice fell upon One More Happy Ending, a drama that is currently airing on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55. It starts Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho, a couple of actors that who reads my blog knows I like a lot. It is a promising comedy so far, but I hate that is not getting the recognition it deserves.
The premise of this drama is: Can people fall in love again after a delusion? It starts with a cartoon showing a prince and a princess finally getting together. When they have to kiss, lights go out and reality is not as good as it seemed.

General Recap: Han Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) runs a successful agency that helps divorced people to remarry. She is a divorced woman herself, and is expecting with joy that her current boyfriend proposes to her. She and her business partner, Baek Da Jung (Yoo Da In), together with their friends Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Ha) and Seo In Young (Hong Ae Ran) were part of an idol group called “Angels”, a decade before. They disbanded because of the fifth member of the band, a woman who had all the drama and CF contracts and that unlike them, is still in the spotlight.
Mi Mo meets Song Soo Hyuk by mistake when he bumps his car into hers. He is dressed like a pregnant woman (LOL I laughed for a while) and with his partner he is following a celebrity around, and this celebrity happens to be Mi Mo’s freenemy. Soo Hyuk is a reporter and by chance, he witnesses an important moment that may bring some juicy news to the magazine he works with. He sees Mi Mo’s freenemy with her boyfriend, and snaps some pictures. Mi Mo sees this too after she gets a text from her boyfriend saying that he wants to break up. The reason is because he is already with her freenemy. Mi Mo makes a fierce scene and Soo Hyuk sees everything and even tries to save her from the water when he sees her throwing herself in, but Mi Mo ends up saving him instead. They end up realizing that they live in front of each other and they share some drinks. What happens next is confusing for the both of them, because they got married without being conscious! LOL! And this is a traumatizing event for the both of them.

Comment:  I was waiting for this drama ever since I heard about the casting. I am a fan of Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra, I consider them good actors and nice people, and so far they have a good chemistry. She is older than him but since she is like a doll and doesn’t show her age too much, you can’t feel the few years she is older than him. I didn’t know that they ended up getting married by mistake, and this is a plus. I am weak to imposed/random marriage plots, and as much as they are overused, they can be manipulated in different ways if the writer is good. Aside from the main couple, the side characters are charming as well. I am talking about the “Angels”, Mi Mo’s friends. There’s the married woman with marriage problems, the woman who isn’t sure she wants to get married, and the woman who has no luck with men whatsever. I like variation, because this way the viewer can identify with a character and be more passionate about the show. We will see where it will go! So far, approved.


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