Dramas To Watch – A Personal Memorandum

Hi there 🙂
I am overwhelmed with dramas to watch, but as usual I can’t bear myself to choose one to start first. Usually, I tend to list dramas with actors I like, but then I forget about them a few days later and begin something else, or nothing at all for weeks. That is the reason why I want to write this “memorandum” or simply put, a ‘to watch’ list with things I am planning to check out soon. Let’s hope I will remember to cross what I watched on this list, haha!

  • Que Sera Sera = I’ve been compelled to watch since last year when I first saw Eric and Jung Yoo Mi on “Discovery of Romance”. Judging from the plot alone, it looks like something I would enjoy. It’s the first on the list and I probably will be done with this before the year ends, or no. lol.
  • Smile, You = dang, 45 episode drama with one of my favorite actors Jung Kyung Ho acting alongside Lee Min Jung. I read it’s a family drama.
  • Robbers = this is the first drama of Jang Hyuk acting with Lee Da Hae. It’s no secret I like both of them, and I got JH plays a conman, which is one of my favorite stereotypes of any written or TV project.
  • My Love Eun Dong = this is from 2015, and I only read good things about it.
  • I Have a Lover = currently airing drama. I probably won’t start it until it is close to its ending.

And the list can go on but for the moment I just want to write down these few dramas, since it could take me a month or more to watch them all. LOL. For the moment, have a nice day. ❤


About purplebass

hey, you! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Tweety, and I am a girl who loves writing, reading, and watching stuff on TV and write reviews about it. I currently study languages (English and Spanish) @ University here where I live in Italy. I dream to become a teacher or something more impossible, like a writer. For the moment I only write stories on my laptop and review a lot of books. Speaking of which, I'm really into YA despite I am not a teenager anymore, and if you have suggestions, I am always open to hear your book advice! :D
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