Kdrama Review: The Producers

The_Producers-p1“The Producers” is one of the dramas I had to watch for the blog I help that subs dramas and movies in italian. Had to start it by myself, I would have never watched it. This drama was written by the same writer of “My Love from the Star”, Park Ji Eun. The lead actor is Kim Soo Hyun as well, and there are many others who also appeared in that other project. Funny enough, I already wrote about being not a fan of him that much, nor of the drama. Well, this didn’t improve at all as I finished watching, but I will tell about it later.

This drama aired this summer on KBS and it presents the lives of Producers and idols and what happens when a program is made, etc. Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) is the PD of the reality show “2Nights, 1 Day”, but things for him aren’t going well because the program is not getting the ratings the Chief would like. Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) is his longtime friend and also works at KBS as a Music Bank PD. There’s a love-hate relationship between them because there’s sexual tension lingering around and they don’t know whether they like each other as more than friends at times. To help PD Ra, there’s a new Producer that passed the exam to get the job, Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun). He is timid but has a lot of ideas, and gets soon fascinated by PD Tak, who knows that not all celebs that appear on her program will collaborate because of the standard rules of TV. This is why the popular idol Cindy (IU) gets on her nerves. But life is not going super good to her either, it doesn’t matter she is a famous singer. And it is Seung Chan that goes to help her when it seems her career is going to a bad route.

What to say about this that I didn’t write above? Well, the plot, or some parts of it, reminded me of MLFTS, which I am watching right now. Plots are overused. This annoyed me, but like I said, I wasn’t going to watch this to begin with.

Let’s pass to the acting side. There’s good, and there’s so and so. I love Gong Hyo Jin’s natural acting. She is perfect at any role she does and has chemistry with about anyone. Cha Tae Hyun was also a professional, I liked the relationship between his character with GHJ’s. Now we are at what I didn’t like. It’s always the same person. I am sorry, not even sorry because it is just my TASTE, but I do not love how Kim Soo Hyun acts. On this drama he played a good and shy guy, who is usually the character I am rarely drawn towards. Perhaps this role fits him better than Do Min Jon, but it’s just my honest opinion since I do not like to lie about my preferences. IU also did well, I felt sorry for her character because that is sadly what happens behind the scenes to many singers who are popular or not popular.

Who I would suggest this to? To who loves to see what is done behind the scenes of a program. If you liked dramas such as “The King of Dramas” that did a similar thing but with dramas, you will like this.

RATING: 6/10


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  2. Jane says:

    Have you seen Kim Soo Hyun in “Giant”? You may chenge your opinion about him


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