Book Review: Scandal in Spring, A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

7843102This Sunday I will post not one, but two reviews about the last books of the “Wallflowers” series, which I have already talked about on my blog in the past weeks.

I love the way the author, Lisa Kleypas, writes. Despite she is contemporary, she is able to write stories set in the England of 1800, which is one of my ever favorite literature periods. The stories of the ex wallflowers are very simple and predictable, yet they have their own details. Each character has a specific mindset and behavior, which could be stereotypical, but enjoyable.

We have finally arrived to Spring after we have seen the love stories of Annabelle, Lillian, and Evie in the previous seasons. Evie and St. Vincent’s story has been my favorite so far. I have waited to read the last ones left and I can declare that is my favorite OVERALL, ihih. There is just something about that story that is special.

In “Scandal in Spring”, it is finally Daisy’s turn. She is the last of the wallflowers to find a husband, so her father decides whom she will have to marry. It turns out he chose one of his best workers, Matthew Swift, who was hated by Daisy and his sister Lillian when they lived in New York. The woman has set her mind on not marrying him, and he did too. She wants to marry somebody she loves, while he seems to be keeping a secret that prevents him from accomplish what his boss wants him to do.

Daisy is the dreamer of the group. She loves books, and would want to find a husband that looks almost like ones of those naughty romance books she reads. It is highly impossible a man like that exists, as she is reminded very often, but she finds relief in Matthew, who looks like a replica of her father on the outside, but has a soft side. Daisy’s heart is slowly raptured by him that she changes her mind, but they must overcome some problems before they can be happy.

I like this couple. She is lively, he is more hard and thick-skinned, but loving. They are a good match and it seems that Matthew also earned Lord Westcliff’s respect by how he manages business and relationship with people, since he has good speaking abilities. Perhaps, compared to the previous stories, this one had less sparks. I love romantic stories and I am well aware that many times there can be more ‘love’ stuff rather than actions, or some complications… But this story had only a turning point like that in the last two chapters. I wish there were more roadblocks than were put. Anyway, the story was nice.

We also got ‘updates’ on the lives of the other ex maids and we found out they are all doing well with their husbands.

RATING: 3.5/5

3050104“A Wallflower Christmas” is the last book of this romantic series. It is set a couple of months after Daisy and Matthew’s story ended, around Christmas time of 1845.

This time is Lillian and Daisy’s brother from America, Rafe, the one that has to get married. This time around Mr Bowman the elder requested again that one of his prole marries a person of his choice to inherit his fortune in the future. Rafe, who is a bit of a rake and libertine man, must marry Lady Natalie Blandford, an aristocrat that would give his family the titles they long for.

To help Rafe, Lillian and her friends call for Lady Natalie’s chaperone, Miss Hannah Appleton. They summon her to know what her cousin likes and that her brother could use to win her heart, and let her met with Rafe and know how he is before Lady Natalie sees him. Hannah’s reaction to Rafe is expected. From what she knows, started from the fact that he is American, she doesn’t think he should marry Lady Natalie. And Rafe is interdict as to marry that Lady or not too, after he sees the singular beauty of Hannah, which is a commoner from a poor family. They both try to sort out their feelings because they can’t marry. If Rafe doesn’t marry the woman his father chose for him, he will lose his inheritance. Things turn out to be nice in the end, as usual.

I liked the characters of this book. I love the character of the rake, a bit crazy and unpredictable that falls in love for the first time. I was glad the story didn’t drag too long because I am sure this was more meant as a book to please fans, rather than a long novel. In fact, other than Rafe and Hannah’s whereabouts, we also see longer scenes between the other couples of the previous volumes (which imo could be Lisa’s favorites since she dedicated more than a page about them, but it’s just an assumption). Especially, there’s the final pages of a chapter with my faves Evie and Sebastian. Oh Lord, I have fallen for them and especially him. His way to answer his wife is so enthralling, and despite it is said they don’t show much public affection like the other couples, the reader knows that there is a lot of intimacy and passion between the two of them. And OMG! She is finally pregnant in this book, and her hubby looks on cloud nine. Their kid will surely be spoiled, but I will know in the other series “The Hathaways”, which is set a couple of years after this one. The male protagonist of the first novel, “Mine till midnight”, also appeared on “Devil in Winter” and it is linked to Lady and Lord St. Vincent. I have no idea when I will start reading that, though. It is November and I have exams not before February 2016, but I am afraid I will need to study hard to pass them. And I sigh to say this, but perhaps I should give myself time to breathe between one book and another… Haha!

RATING: 3.5/5

Hope you’re having a nice Sunday. Now I am off! ❤




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