Book Review: It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

6561363Good Evening and Good Sunday!
It’s all saints’ day over here, and I ate a yummy portion of torrone sweet as a tradition of my city. Between a treat and a trick, I also finished another book.
It’s “It happened one autumn” by Lisa Kleypas, from the series Wallflowers. I discovered this author thanks to a reading group I am in on Facebook, and wanted to see if I could like her writing or not. Turns out that I did, and I wanted to read it slowly not to finish it too soon.
This book is set in the London of 1800′, and I am sure the fans of classic romantic literature will love it.

This is book #2 of the Wallflowers series, as I wrote above. This series is about four women in their 20’s/25’s who are looking for a husband in England. They are from America and they are the new wealth, and for them it is hard to find somebody willing to marry them because they haven’t got a title, they just have big bucks and this isn’t enough for London aristocracy. But this is bound to end, because the young sons of the old families are willing to let their lineage be interrupted by marrying a woman who doesn’t have one ounce of blue blood in her veins.

This book deals with the story of Lillian Bowman, from the group of the ‘old maids’, the four friends who promised to help each other find a man to marry. She and her sister Daisy, along with their parents and many other guests, are going to stay in Stony Cross Park, Hampshire. That is the residence of Count Marcus Marsden of Westcliff (often called like this), a cynical and serious man who is respectable but that is also pompous and looks egocentric and ambitious. Lillian dislikes being there, because she and the Count don’t click well, but they were invited over because he wants to make a business deal with her father, who owns some soap factories in America. The meeting between Lillian and Marcus happens when she least expects it, because she is caught playing ’rounders’ (a game famous in that period) with the servants and that is not a thing a lady would dare to do. His reaction surprises Lillian, who was waiting for hatred and annoying remarks, but she is even more astonished when Marcus kisses her. From there it starts a series of moments of attraction, where the woman believes it’s the perfume she bought in town that makes the Count so allured by her. Naturally it’s not the essence that draws them closer, but it’s a passion that was slowly ignited after they first met. Will they get married? Will Lillian be accepted by Marcus’ family despite she is not a royal?

This book wasn’t long, I’d say it had the right length. The story wasn’t dragged and in my mind this could play so well as if it was a real British drama. I would watch it if it were to be aired, lol. The author is an able writer. I loved how she described the scenes, with simplicity and without being vulgar when it came to the sexy moments. I like that they weren’t exaggerated like many other authors do, there was the right amount of ‘rawr’. Despite the story was written in the current days and not in 1800, it was believable, and I love love love when it is like this. Those times are long gone and we cannot get an old literature piece like that anymore, but I am glad there are writers who can recreate the atmosphere.

I will surely read the rest.
I am super curious about the #3 because of how the #2 ended.
Stay tuned!



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  1. This sounds so good, I’m intrigued!


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