Manga Review: Orange by Takano Ichigo

Orange.(Takano.Ichigo).full.1199115Hey all, how are you?
I have just finished reading this short manga series called “Orange”, a shojo which I devoured in just one day. A live action for this work is set to be released this December in Japan, and I wish it keeps it close to the original story unlike many adaptations that in my opinion failed miserably (see L-DK for example).
“Orange” is the story of Naho Takamiya, a 16 year old girl who receives a letter that contains information about her future, written by her 26-year-old self. In that letter, older Naho wrote that she has regrets. She let the person she loved disappear and she can’t bear to lose him again in a parallel reality, if this letter is ever able to make it into the past.

“Orange” is a shojo manga with strong moments. I read it in one day and it gave me a lot of feels because the story touched me. The plot itself looks random if you don’t start reading the manga, because there is a little of sci-fi elements in it. For example, it is not explained precisely how did the future 26-year-old selves of the main protagonist and her friends are able to send their letters to the past. In the present/past, we see that Naho’s teacher says a few things about ‘parallel realities’, but it is just speculations after all, and well, of course this is a work of fiction so creativity is tolerated.

Perhaps this is the trait I loved the most about this manga.

The fact that despite the main female knows what will happen, she tries to change it to make it better, to make Kakeru Naruse, the friend and boy she came to love in the past, not commit suicide. It is very hard changing a person’s train of thought, but with the help of all her friends, Naho does what she can to let Kakeru be in the future 10 years from then.

Thakfully, the author didn’t drag the story like someone else would have done. The manga has only five volumes, and they are enough to cover the period from when the guys receive the letters to when their friend is supposed to die. There’s also pieces to the future selves in between, because they haven’t forgotten and have chosen different paths after the tragedy that occurred in their reality. Even Naho has settled… But perhaps her self from another dimension can have a different life than the one she had where she felt remorse.

Naho and her friends will also teach Kakeru to enjoy life more and not to blame himself for what happened. After all, we make our futures but like the manga suggests, we can’t always change it. There are things that are bound to happen to us, to the society, to environment, etc. and we can’t do anything about them. We can’t plan our life thoroughly, but we can fix some things.

This being said, I can’t wait to watch the movie next year (when we will get the subs). Hope they don’t mess up since the story isn’t long like other adaptations that consisted of 15 volumes too. lol. At least do one right! haha.



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