Drama Review: I Remember You/Hello Monster


Hello! Today’s drama review will be about “Hello Monster” or “I Remember You”, which aired on KBS this summer. The main leads of this drama are Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra, who play criminal profiler Lee Hyeon and detective Cha Ji An. Their lives get entangled when Hyeon comes back to Korea and puts himself in between the activities of Ji An’s detective team. Nobody knows the reason why he seems to know when or will a new crime is gonna happen, because after all is job cannot be 100% accurate. By working on his own and helping the team, Hyeon will start to remember facts about his life he had forgotten about, Ji An included.

The story is very simple: Lee Hyeon came to Korea with a further motive other than bug the special unit investigation team. He wants to find his lost brother and a psychopath that his father, who worked for the police as a psychiatrist, was monitoring before he escaped. There are mysterious forces that bind Hyeon, his brother and this guy named Lee Joon Yeong. Why he was so interested in Hyeon when he casually met him in prison while he was visiting with his father?

The writer exploits the themes of revenge and mental pathologies. The character question themselves a lot about this matter: how is a psychopath born? Can the son/daughter of a killer become a killer too? Should their parents’ crimes be used against his/her sons just because they committed an illegal thing? Above all, can a psychopath learn to be ‘normal’? These and many other enigmas are put out there to discuss, which was interesting since I love this theme. The questions are not really answered because there is no real solution for these dilemmas, but I didn’t expect them to be clarified. The matter here is too large to be discussed and the branch of psychiatry cannot be defined yet like other medical instances.

The actors did a good job at portraying their characters. I was stunned by EXO D.O.’s performance as the young Lee Joon Yeong, he really looked like a psychopath and a bit creepy. He did that subtle smile of evil victory of sociopaths that are curious of the word, super smart, but feel no emotion. Even the portrayal of his adult version was done well. /I won’t tell you who played it not to spoil you/ The actor showed how emotionless and sure of his delusional beliefs a psychopath can be. Until the end, he seemed to play a game with Lee Hyeon, always finding his way out. But Lee Hyeon was also a good character and I loved how he took care of his brother. He and his real brother had a super bromance alone and with Lee Joon Yeong. There was a strong connection between them and it was stronger than Seo In Guk’s chemistry with Jang Na Ra. Not that they didn’t have it, but romance was a side plot on this drama and not enough space was given. I wasn’t sad about this because I was focused more on the intricate story and the thriller aspects. I think the blooming relationship was handled well because it had a realistic pace, the two of them didn’t fall in love super quick (despite they already were) and maintained a slow discovering level between each other. I like when on a drama there’s romance et all, but I also appreciate when the drama is done well and the main couple doesn’t rush to the super attached couple from the semi enemies too soon. Like I said, the bromance and family feelings were stronger here.

As for the music, the main theme song called “Remember” by Dear Cloud got stuck in my head that I had to share it on my Facebook feed, eheh. The other songs were okay, usual drama songs.

So, it was a really good drama this one. It didn’t have great ratings in Korea and I wonder why. I think it had all the right elements to have a high percentage, because despite the story wasn’t unusual, it could keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with all of the questions that arose episode by episode. I would suggest this kind of drama to thriller and mystery lovers. You loved CSI, Agatha Christie’s novels or something like that? Then for sure you will love this too. ❤

RATING: 9/10 stars


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