Second Time Twenty Years Old – First Impressions


“Second Time Twenty Years Old” is the new tvN drama that replaces “Oh My Ghost” (which I will probably review later). It airs every Friday and Saturday at 10pm and it stars Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sang Yoon as the main leads, Choi Won Young, Kim Min Jae and So Na Eun as the secondary characters.

This drama tells the story of Ha No Ra, a 38-year old woman who decides to attend university since she could not get a proper education after high school because she got pregnant. She realizes she has lost herself and to appeal her husband and son who seem to find her useless at times, she tries to do her best. There she meets her old high school friend-boyfriend-wedon’tknowyet Cha Hyun Suk, who teaches Theatre. Their encounter is awkward and he looks super angry at her and she doesn’t understand why. He wants to find out the reasons behind No Ra’s weird behaviors at campus when her husband is around and many other things, like, why did she leave Korea at 19 years old? Was there more than pregnancy?

The plot is very usual. The story already starts off as a triangle/quadrangle with No Ra’s character bonded to her husband Kim Woo Chul and her school buddy (?) Hyun Suk, who seems to care about her after all those years they have been apart. No Ra and her husband are divorcing but they are keeping appearances for their son Min Soo, and there are a lot of things they do not tell each other as they became strangers earlier than when they signed the divorce papers.

Call me crazy, or call me miss obvious, but here I already think there’s the paternity question in drawn into play. No Ra didn’t give a sign of it in her scenes with Hyun Suk, and she calls her husband “Min Soo’s appa”, but you never know. Birth secrets are very common on KDramas, and I wouldn’t be surprised the son is actually of Lee Sang Yoon’s character. Just look at the poster: No Ra with her head on Hyun Suk’s leg and Woo Chul with his head on hers, then Min Soo with his head on his dad’s leg but also connected with HS. It screams “PATERNITY SECRET” to me. LOL. We will see as it will unfold.

For the moment, this drama started off nicely. There is not too much drama, maybe just some annoying and uneducated characters at school. I hate how they treat No Ra just because she is older than them. They treat her as an outsider instead of clearing up her confusion about apps on smartphones and stuff like that. They are not obliged to do it, naturally, but it would be just kind to reply when she asks them questions, wouldn’t it? I know that in reality students in Korea are not like that, but still, do not exaggerate too much. I am aware this is also done to make No Ra stand up for herself. She is one of those naive and spineless characters who gets treated like crap time after time and seems OK with it. Hopefully this treatment will ‘pay off’ in a way that she will start appreciating herself and show more character in front of people and especially her husband and son who treat her as if she were useless at times.

Choi Ji Woo is surprisingly cute doing funny scenes, but I expect more because she should relax her face a bit more. She is perfect in melodrama because she has the right cold exterior image, but she can get better at this too as the episodes go on. Lee Sang Yoon plays a nice character who pretends to be a bit rude again. I am not too fond of this kind of type, I am sorry. I prefer dark and twisted with a surprise. He could have secrets too, we don’t know, but so far his character more than his acting, has failed to impress me. Guess it’s just a matter of taste. Even last year when I watched “Angel Eyes”, I couldn’t bring myself to like his character. Whatever! We will see the next episode. ^^


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2 Responses to Second Time Twenty Years Old – First Impressions

  1. Mina Joo says:

    I need to watch this drama soon. I love your first impression posts and reviews! Keep up the good work 😀


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