Book Review: Devious Minds by K.F. Germaine

25411167Hello everybody!

New week, new book, of course. A lot has happened lately and I am glad Summer is coming to an end and I will likely start to work and go to university again. The hot weather is cool until it is bearable, but here in Italy it is only like this before and after the hot season ends, since temperatures can go above 35°C for weeks.

This week’s book was offered to me for an honest review. It is called “Devious Minds” and is by author K.F. Germaine. Needless to say, this is another New Adult book. I am reading a ton of them lately and I think they fit my current mood and age more than YA books, because of the mature themes.

The main protagonist of this book is the badass Sydney Porter. She loves music and her dream is to make music. For the moment she works as a DJ in a club and goes to Northen University, where she also is a radio personality at the radio of the campus, known with the nickname Sunday Lane. As Sunday, she gossips about the people over there. Nobody knows her secret until the quarterback of the football team, Gray Peters, finds out and starts blackmailing her that he will expose her real identity. Gray is butthurt because Sydney ruined his Porsche one night, but there is more than that. His and Sydney’s lives have intervened before and left scars and they are both determined to get a proper revenge for what happened before. But if love starts to bloom among the hate the feel for each other? What they will do?

I couldn’t take my eyes off this book for two days, loved every bit of it. Not only it was super hilarious and could be well made into a funny romantic comedy, it was also well written. Unlike many novels, “Devious Minds” had a witty and contemporary writing that got to your heart after the first lines. I admit, at times I found hard understanding some things that I would find on Urban Dictionary (because English is not my mother tongue), but everything was so well put that I had no problem learning new expressions afterwards. The words were flowing nicely for the whole book and it never felt repetitive. Every chapter I was left with wonder and I could not wait for things to unfold. I was surprised and this I value, because predictability is a thing I cannot stand. I loved the characters. Realistic with strong values and hearts and minds. Despite they did some bad stuff to each other in the first part of the book, they evolve a lot in a short span of time, and it is palpable. This novel is really about DEVIOUS MINDS, because the protagonists end up doing stuff I’d probably never dream of do in my entire life, but this is the reason why they are special.

I advise this book to those who love original romantic comedies with lots of laughs and irrational moments, and naturally, a strong and passionate love story.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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