Now Watching: Oh My Ghost

61GEXRn3_cd9184_fHello everybody, I couldn’t finish this week without a new post! I started a new drama, which is still airing. The project in question is “Oh My Ghost”, which airs every Friday and Saturday on tvN. It is a comedy filled with romance and mystery, because one of the protagonists is a ghost! To be more specific, a virgin ghost. She doesn’t know how she died and seeing she couldn’t have experiences, she now posses bodies of hot women to have sex with guys. This alone is already interesting, and the whole character is super comedic and funny and is played by Kim Seul Gi, which drama lovers know to be so good at acting “crazy” roles. The main couple is made up of Na Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), a shy waitress with the dream of becoming a cook, and Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Sook), a conceited man who owns a restaurant. The ghost, Soon Ae, will end up helping Bong Soon become more open and full of life.

This drama was likeable since the start. I love the ghostess character, because she has many funny lines and makes puns, plus she is transparent about her emotions towards guys and it is amusing, haha. This drama reminded me a bit of “Master’s Sun”, but in this the ghost is the main attraction, along with the girl who is possessed who cames from a family of shamans and is able to get in touch with spirits. It has also a little of “Ghost Whisperer” in it, because I am sure the ghost will have to go ahead and move on, in order to put her spirit to peace. The story is intricated because the characters are all connected, and there is this supernatural force and mystery that I am intrigued to see unfold.

I suggest you to watch this if you love comedy. ^^


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