Book Review: The Secret Series #4 & #5 by Jessica Sorensen

4The Ever After of Ella and Micha” is the fourth book of The Secret Trilogy. I know, I said ‘fourth book’, but technically is the last one of the story of Ella and Micha, since the third was about Lila and Ethan.

This volume finishes the long story of our young protagonists. It narrates a short span of time, starting from the day of Ella and Micha’s wedding and Ella leaving her future husband on the altar, or almost.

Micha starts panicking when the woman he has loved since he was little, doesn’t show up to their wedding. He believes she left him because she was afraid and couldn’t bear the weight of commitment. He finds out soon what is the real reason of her forfeit, and it is not what he expects.

Will they live happily ever after?

I believe along with Lila and Ethan’s book, this is the second one I have read in roughly a day. Maybe because it was quick, fast and addicting, I don’t know. I felt satisfied for the ending, but I believe Ella’s reason kept dragging the story for more and more pages.

I totally get where she is coming from because I am in a similar situation, but enough is enough! Too much time to deal with this situation, and too much sex as usual. I have no idea if it is a trend of New Adult’s books to have a lot of sex moments in them, because this is the first NA series I read… But I hope not, because yep, I can deal with sex scenes but there doesn’t have to be a great amount. This is my only perk, because I have really liked this story and the characters.


4.5These last two volumes I’ll be writing about are a short story and a novella, that the author mostly wrote for her fans who loved this story a lot.

Lila and Ethan: forever and always“, is a super short story that shows us their road trip and how their relationship is going. They love each other a lot and everything is great in the sex department too, but it seems like Lila wants more.

She wants her boyfriend to give her confidence that they will be together for long, like Micha did to Ella. But Ethan is nothing like his best friend. He doesn’t like to commit but he did it for Lila, and this is already a big step for him.

I admit, I expected a lot from this. I loved The Temptation of Lila and Ethan, and I wanted to have more of this couple, but this short story felt too rushed and too short. I know it is a short story because is, well, short, but… Ugh! I don’t know, it didn’t feel fulfilling to me. I wanted more. SIGH.


4.6This novella is a bonus addition to the series. It is more of a gift in my opinion, to show fans how Ella and Micha and Lila and Ethan are doing five years after the end of the trilogy.

It seems that Ella has finally changed a bit in this novella. I could see a new person, more mature and sure of herself, who found her place in the world. She deals with the fact that her husband Micha is on tour after he became a famous singer, and he can’t be home with her. But this is going to change soon, because Micha is tired of this life and wants to find his rightful place as well.

This story wraps up everything nicely. This is really what every fan would want from a book series, its characters living happily ever after and creating their perfect world.

I am still of the idea that a duology or a single book would have sufficed better, but since I have read this without waiting because the series was finished, it is okay.


This series is suggested for New Adult lovers and people who like realistic stories about young women and men who are searching for their selves and how they deal with pain, loss, people, and everything.

VOTE (whole series): 4 stars


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