Book Review: The Temptation of Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen

16055479Hello, good saturday!

Today’s review is about the third book of “The Secret” series. I won’t repeat myself about this because I wrote a post about the first two books just the other day, and I will surely be able to write another review next week. These books are incredibly fast to read, and they don’t annoy me, so I finish them in no time. Hehe. Unlike the first two books, this one is told by the secondary characters and best friends of Ella and Micha, Lila Summers and Ethan Gregory. These two have been mentioned a lot in their volumes, but the author didn’t exactly explain what was happening to them as people and to them as a couple. Now that their best friends have moved to San Diego, Lila and Ethan remained alone in Las Vegas to continue their lives on their own, or so they think.

Ethan has finally the chance to be on his own and do whatever he pleases, but Lila keeps on calling him when she is in need for help. He is drawn to her and when he finds out she needs help, he doesn’t know what to do anymore, because he starts to feel something more than friendship for her. The same goes for Lila, whose life seems perfect but it isn’t anything like that. After her father cut all of her credit cards, she is jumping from a bed to another to forget that she has to pay the lease and many other things. And not only this. She also uses a lots of ‘happy pills’ her mother made her inject since she was 14. She said she will be able to be happy, but Lila soon realizes that those pills made her lose herself and she has to put herself back together and start anew. As Lila and Ethan spend more time together, they see that maybe they can be more than just friends. But Ethan set some rules. He doesn’t want to lose Lila as a friend, and he doesn’t want to give his heart to another person after what happened to him the last time he did. Will they be able to save themselves and be happy together?

Truth be told, I loved this book more than the previous two. I liked that the author kept these two characters in the dark, because we could discover them better through this book. Gosh, I loved Ethan. Unlike his best friend Micha who is more brutal, he is more of a loner. He likes books, and has a secret sweet side. He can also be blunt, but not like the other one, who is more stubborn. Through all of this book I thought: “SIGH, why he is not real? I want him to be my boyfriend!!!“. Yeah, silly. But this is a positive thing to me, because it makes me like a book even more when I ‘fall in love’ with its characters.

I also liked Lila, which I also found closer to me than Ella. Her best friend is more in the ‘dark’ because she has depression and hasn’t been able to move towards her future with her boyfriend yet. Lila is more positive on many aspects, despite we see on this book how she is unsure of herself and her value in this world at first. Her journey showed that everyone can go out of a tunnel and start believing in themselves, when there is at least one person who believes in us.

Besides the characters, I love the growing sexual tension in this book. Lila and Ethan also use sex to distract from their problems and to have fun, but unlike Ella and Micha, they have it with strangers because they don’t want to commit to other people. It is not that they are diffident, but sort of. After the people they thought they were their first loves broke their hearts, they don’t want to be heartbroken again. They also don’t want to ruin their friendship.

I understand their reasons, but they needed to risk in order to find out if they can be together! For the entire book I kept cheering for them to go beyond the boundaries they have created, and they made it. They needed to let go of the past first, but they made it. They are a nice example of a complicated blossoming love that can heal people.

I would like more books about them, but I know there is just a short story that is set after the fourth book (that I am currently reading).



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