Kdrama Review: Mask Ep 15-18


Good evening guys, how ya’ doing?
It is the end of the week and I imagine those of you who work, are truly happy for the week-end. I am also glad because I can dedicate more time to k-dramas and reviews.

Today’s topic will be “Mask” again. I repeated it several times that I am hooked to the bone with this drama, and I am sad next week it will come to an end. But every thing does and I want to see how they will complete it, since it is still very complicated as it is at Episode 18 which aired yesterday.

As the weeks pass, I am completely smitten by the plot and the dramatic turn of the events. Now more people of the Choi household know the truth, and everyone is doing what they can in order to get what they want. Everyone, more or less, wants revenge.

I was right Min Woo would distance Ji Sook a little when he finds out her real identity. Despite she tried to explain the truth to him, he wouldn’t budge and came back to her only when he realized that he truly loves her and can’t be without her, and that he doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself for his well-being. Episode after episode, the character of Min Woo has become sweeter and romantic, has given up some of his compulsive obsessions for cleanliness, and he is trying to stand up for himself and not let his brother-in-law have the upper hand. But he is not there yet, despite he is making progresses. As of today, I wonder what else can Min Woo do to win this war with his lady-love, if may be Ji Sook the one who will save him and he will save her for other matters, like the one at the ending of Episode 18. The fact that he threw himself into the lake despite his fear for the water, shows at which lengths he is going to go to save Ji Sook. This is how a hero and a true lover looks like.

Ji Sook also surprises me everyday. At first she was laid back, submissive, and couldn’t do things her own way because of Suk Hoon’s manipulation, but she tried to go on, and made her personal decisions. She is a heroine too, and as a real one, she is ready to give up on herself in order to save the people she loves. If it wasn’t for her, Min Woo would have been shot right in the heart and he could have died. I was sad she couldn’t save her mother too, but I saw her death coming, and even the transplant could have not helped her. Now I am worried for her. I am fully sure she will be saved from the fire, but what if something happens to her? Here I am thinking about Episode 28 of “Hotel King”, were the main protagonist’ mom passed out during a fire that was started to kill them both. After the fire, she woke up with amnesia and her mind returned to when she was 5 years old. I wonder if the writer would choose this as well, but with a plot twist: Ji Sook is saved, has amnesia, but she is just pretending in order to save herself. This could be a good countermeasure, because Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon will believe Ji Sook is out of the game but she will surprise them! Another thing that could happen could be JS hiding to find evidence and the reappear, or even Seok Hoon saving her. We can’t see where he is after he starts the fire, we only see his wife and Min Woo. Ugh, can’t wait for Wednesday.

As for Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon, I don’t even know what they have in mind. SH wavered a little in these last episodes, because he is seeing his wife and Ji Sook react in a way he didn’t expect. But he is still one step ahead. What is there for him to do? Is he covering his wife’s mistakes like she is doing? I don’t even want to judge Mi Yeon. She is a woman blinded by love and hasn’t understood that it is not because of Seo Eun Ha/Byun Ji Sook that her husband acts the way he does. It is because he has never once loved her, he just used her to get into the household and stab her father in the back. I felt sorry for her sometimes, but not enough to justify her actions. I am afraid but the miss will have to serve several years in jail, in my opinion. And her husband will surely follow.

So, how do I expect the situation to unravel in the last two episodes?

Honestly, I don’t know. I think Ji Sook must fight for her name and try to get back to her identity at any cost. I can’t see her remaining Eun Ha after Episode 18, even though MY stopped the reporters to come and this way she didn’t let her fake death happen. To do this, Seok Hoon must be found guilty of all his crimes, ordering JS to be EH included. This way, JS can be cleared of the murder accusations and get back to her life as she will try to do what she wants to do with Min Woo. I don’t want Seok Hoon or Mi Yeon to die to free the main leads from the manipulations, because I firmly believe who commits a homicide should serve time in jail forever. If one gets killed, it is not the same.

See you next week for the last batch review. ❤


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