Kdrama: The Time I Loved You


Hi all, new kdrama this week! I gave in and I started watching SBS new weekend drama based on the Chinese drama with the same title, “The time I loved you” (also called “The time we were not in love”). The main reason were the leads. I was excited to see Lee Jin Wook finally take the main role on a prime TV channel like SBS, and I was excited to see Ha Ji Won on a romantic comedy as well, since she usually takes on difficult and melodramatic roles.

“The time I loved you” is a 16 episode drama currently airing on Saturdays and Sundays at 10pm. They aired Episode 6 a few days ago, so if you are not the type to watch something before it is over, you better start this one later. The writer is the same of 2014 drama “Cunning Single Lady”, which I liked a lot.

The drama talks about a couple of longtime friends, Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook). The two are neighbors and ever since they were little, they attended school together. They consider each other as family, but they start to see things get awkward as they grow old and Ha Na’s own parents try to push the two together so that they will get married.

Oh Ha Na is a successful team leader of the marketing team of a company that produces and designs shoes. You would think she has everything, but she doesn’t. Ha Na is 34 years old and she has not married yet, and this saddens her a bit because she wants to do it but at the same time, she doesn’t. When she finds out her boyfriend is two timing with a richer employee of the company, she is dumped and she decides with her friend Won that the first that gets married within a year, will have to give $5,000 to the other. Won is a flight attendant who works at the airport. He is handsome, but he has a dark side. It seems like something has happened to him while he was younger, thus he doesn’t seem to let people in completely and he looks detached. Despite this, Won is always available to help his friends, including Ha Na.

Let’s start off saying that Jin Wook/Ji Won couple has chemistry. Their appearance apart, they are really cute and they are credible both when they play the current Ha Na&Won, and when they have to play their 17-18 year old selves (there are a couple of flashbacks of them on each episode). This is the first reason why you should watch this.

Then, you should watch because it is enjoyable. This is a romcom, and it requires attention but it is something light to watch opposed to melodramas or thrillers. I would not say that the storyline is bad, because it isn’t, but it is simple and fast, and you won’t yawn, I hope.

This is recommanded to those who like a simple drama with romance and friendships. Truth be told, it reminded me a little of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” dynamic, but only sometimes. If you loved that or any romcom, you will also like this.


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2 Responses to Kdrama: The Time I Loved You

  1. Ashten says:

    hmmm I might try that then XD thanx for the recommendation 😉


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