Kdrama Review: Mask Ep 13-14

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This week’s review of “Mask” comes a little early than expected. I decided not to wait the episodes that are going to be aired on Wednesday/Thursday and write the review before I forget about what happened and because more than last week’s episodes, these two moved the story into an interesting place. Will Min Ho finally find out who is his wife?

We left Episode 12 with Mi Yeon realizing she has killed the real Seo Eun Ha and has realized the one married to her brother is just an impostor. She has taken her husband’s role since then, and she is willing to ruin Ji Sook/Eun Ha, God knows why. Perhaps it is because she confirmed her husband was her lover (despite he hasn’t confirmed this to her yet), or I am prone to think she is doing this to avoid Ji Sook or Seok Hoon to expose her crime and ruin her. She is the character who tends to destroy herself with alcohol rather than get better, but this time she is trying to survive by copying what her husband would do, and failing miserably because SH already predicts what Mi Yeon will do. On this matter it seems he still has the upper hand, and it is vital for him to protect this secret.

We have finally discovered one of the other reasons why Seok Hoon is doing what he is doing. Besides the fact that he believes a man who is capable like him should own the power in opposition to a man like Min Ho, who was born loaded, hasn’t the rights to direct a company, we actually see the man has a father sick at a hospital. His old father can’t talk and has to express his thoughts by closing his eyes when his son passes the pen over Hangeul. What exactly did the Choi family do to this man? It looks like it is very serious to bring him to get revenge and kill Min Ho. Why it isn’t MH’s father the man he wants to kill? Part of me tells me that Seok Hoon’s father might have been one of the rescues of Min Ho’s mother. As we know and as MH himself tells Ji Sook on Episode 13, his mother died to save him, who was drowning in order to grab a hold of her necklace that fell into the lake/river. MH still wants to find the culprit, because it looks like someone wanted to do them harm and they were running away. Perhaps the Choi family unwillingly killed his mother or sister or brother or destroyed their lives. Usually family and lovers are the main vengeance “tools” on melodramas.

There was also another big developing into Min Ho and Ji Sook’s relationship. The two went to a trip together with staff members so that they could find new recipes for a bar JS was given from her father-in-law. MH uses this trip to get close to his wife and be cute with her. He cooks for her, he kisses her forehead in her sleep, and *drum roll* he also breaks the contract marriage they have and asks her to marry him for real. Ji Sook keeps on being nice to him as well, but at the same time, she is still distant. The woman knows that she has fallen in love with him, but she cannot act upon her feelings and be sincere until Min Ho finds out who she really is. She plans to tell him after he gets into a little accident that makes her fear for his life (because she thinks Seok Hoon wanted to kill him). This also breaks her mask of composed woman a little because of her fear to lose him, and she blurts that she loves him. Unexpectedly, Min Ho doesn’t reply but his eyes seem happy of the revelation and he wants her to confirm it, but like I mentioned, she wants to tell him the whole truth before repeating it again. But fate wants that Mi Yeon’s interfering leads him to do 2+2 and probably realize the truth about who is wife is. Now my fear is that MH will push away Ji Sook completely because he would feel lied to and betrayed. His own wife pretended to be someone else and hid her real feelings in order to survive and follow a plan. I have no idea if he will listen to her reason if she proves him that she was only trying to save herself at first and then she was trying to save him (in fact JS wanted to divorce him in order not to make SH kill him). Knowing MH, he will be terribly hurt and even kick JS out of their apartment, but wouldn’t it be too risky if their family knows that there are problems with them and that EH is not EH but a simple worker at the mall?

I’m refreshing SBS Youtube page like crazy these days, because I want to see a preview of Episode 15 but there isn’t one yet.*heavy sigh*

I say, let’s be prepared for one or two episodes of silence and rage between our OTP. I hope for them not to separate but Min Ho deserves space if he will react like I believe he will. Give the man a break. Not only they were hypnotizing, they were also giving him pills he didn’t have to take and wanted to take him into a psychiatric clinic. This could be a tough hit for him but my advice to him, if he were real, would be to team up with his wife and show the bad guys and girls that they can win this game of lies. I know it won’t happen because JS is probably going to distance herself to protect MH and maybe even risk her life to do so, but whatever. Can’t wait for Wednesday!!!


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