Manga Review: Midnight Secretary by Tomu Ohmi


Wow, I have read a lot of manga volumes in these last few days! Here I am with another series to add to the ‘read’ shelf, “Midnight Secretary” by Tomu Ohmi. This manga is a josei which contains a lot of graphical scenes of sex. They are not as heavy as, for eg, “Hapi Mari”, but there are severals. I tell you because maybe if you’re interested, you may be bothered by them (some people may be).

“Midnight Secretary” is the story of Kaya Satozuka, a 22-year-old who works as a secretary in a big company. She is the best secretary, despite her new boss, mysterious Kyohei Touma, is a demanding person. Kaya ends up discovering a secret while she believes her superior is up to no good: he is a vampire. He will use this as the excuse to keep the woman by his side and make her work at night because being who he is, he cannot stand sunlight that much. Kyohei will see Kaya as a secretary only, until he gets to drink her blood. Why is it special? And why he is allured by her even though she is a “mere human” to him?

I really, really, enjoyed this manga. It is short (only 7 volumes) but intense. The story may not be original because nowadays we are filled with books and movies about vampires, but I must say I didn’t mind it. It was better than some vampirical thing I have watched/read in the past.

The vampires in Midnight Secretary blend well among humans, and they control everything, from politics to economy. I hate this “I am the master” detail, but I must admit that in real life, this also happens. We are all controlled by someone despite we don’t seem to realize it. The main heroine of the series, Kaya, could be any of us. She is kind and naive, and she is the perfect secretary in every aspect. This would make you believe she is confident in herself, but when it comes to Kyohei, she doesn’t seem like it.

Kyohei is the alpha male (in this case also vampire), who wants things done his own way. I hated his attitude at times, because it looked like he desired Kaya’s body and if she told him to stop, he would not because of his primal vampric instinct to drink her precious blood. A lot of times Kaya got confused about this too, but things resolved for the better and they had a happy ending as well.

It’s a pity that it was too short (haha, compared to long series I have read). They could have continued it, but whatever! It is nice as it is.

I would suggest this series to those who love vampire stories and like mature relationship stories.

RATING: 4.5/5


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