Manga Review: Heroine Shikakku by Momoko Kouda

This week, among other real life matters, I have spent two days reading this completed manga called “Heroine Shikkaku” (or No Longer Heroine). No idea what it made me do it, probably it was because I read there will be a live action coming out in September 2015 and you know how much I like those. I posted the trailer above to get a general glimpse at the plot of the manga.

Heroine Shikkaku is a shojo manga by Momoko Kouda. The main character is Hatori Matsuzaki, a high school girl with a strong temper and one only love, her friend since childhood Terasaka Rita. Hatori wants him to be her boyfriend but she is not willing to confess and has a one-sided love for him even after she does, because he is not interested in her that way. Things take un expected turn when Teresaki finds a new girlfriend, the shy and humble Adachi, and Hatori also finds a new guy to like, Kousuke. The two will realize things and try to mature and understand their feelings for each other.

I would suggest this manga to shojo lovers who want to try something unsual for the genre.

Unlike many shojo that only focus on school and triangles, this manga is different. First of all, the ‘heroine’, Hatori, is someone we all can relate to because of the one-sided love experience. She is honest – too blunt sometimes – that she is funny but at the same time she is also annoying. She is a real character, despite being exaggerate many times, and she shows a realistic confusion when it comes to feelings and finding her own self through all of this.

I admit, I was not much of a fan of this female protagonist. Even though she comes off very sincere, she has excessive reactions to things and she is very immature all the way through the end, until something happens to her and she realizes she has to change her ways to be a better person and also deserve the guy she loves. All the way through this drama, I felt like banging my head on the computer because she was stubborn and jealous for the silliest things, and acted as if everything was due to her because she couldn’t recognize her mistakes towards others. Hatori’s best friend, Nakajima, was the reasonable voice in this manga and I felt that she was written like this to act as an ‘inner’ voice of the reader’s emotions as they read. Because in no way in the world someone would have supported Hatori’s choices, lol. Hatori was funny but I felt more annoyed than diverted by the things she did, sorry.

The main male character, Terasaka, also had some problems with himself, but he was tolerable. I ended up rooting for him and Hatori only in the end, because I felt he deserved better after all the things Hatori got him through. Same goes for the other male lead, Kousuke, who is like Terasaka but more extrovert. They liked the main protagonist but they didn’t argue with her to make her understand that they were fed up with her behavior until the end. I felt sorry for them, because I wished for an early resolution, but whatever. I felt glad that in the end it happened anyway and that this manga ended well.

I am mixed about the final rating of the series because I liked it, yet it didn’t remain in my heart. A live action is scheduled for this September and I will watch it once it will be available with English subtitles. Maybe, that will make me change my mind a little and understand the behavior of the characters a little more. For the moment, here’s my rating:

RATING: 3/5 stars


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