Kdrama Review: Warm and Cozy


This week’s drama review is  about “Warm and Cozy“, the last project by Hong sisters. The title comes from the Jeju dialect and it literally means agreeably warm. On the drama this was the name of the restaurant owned by the male protagonist and the courses he served there were also warm/cozy. He also became like this after maturing, because in the beginning he was an ass. The drama aired on MBC until July 2, 2015.

Warm and Cozy is set on the beautiful island of Jeju, one of the main turists attractions of South Korea. I have no idea if a drama has been filmed entirely here before. If not, this is the first time were they do not only film the two first episodes and then switch back to Seoul or another city. The narration starts with a flashback: Lee Jung Joo (played by Kang So Ra), a 19 year old, goes to Jeju in order to find her mother and meets with Baek Geon Woo (played by Yoo Yeon Seok), who is the same age. The girl tells him that she believes they are twins, they even want to do a DNA test because the male lead also doesn’t know who is father is, but they end up doing nothing as Geon Woo finds out the truth from his mother.

Ten years later, the two meet again when Jung Joo is directed to Jeju to check on a house her cousin has bought with her money. She has also been fired and this is the only chance she has to move on, but she is astonished at what she finds when she arrives. And Geon Woo, who owns the Warm and Cozy restaurant in front of her ruined house, doesn’t seem to want to help her at all. Thanks to some misunderstandings, the guy is lead to give the restaurant to Jung Joo until she dies, because that was her dream. The two start working together to make the place successful, as the sexual tension escalates between them.

Warm and Cozy is a je-ne-sais-quoi type of drama. It has a simple plot that everyone has watched many times in their lives if they love romantic comedies. Yet, it is alluring and I found myself wanting to watch more until ep 12. The last episodes are nice too, but there’s a lot of parallels that drag the thing a little. I found the small world of Jeju and his funny and eccentric inhabitants, quite like the tvshow Gilmore Girls. It has a similar humor, and I found myself laughing a bit. The obstacles the various characters had to face were also not so big and everything was generally quite calm. It is a drama one should watch to keep their spirits up, because it is a light kind of watch. If you like simple romantic comedies with a push and pull relationship and with love triangles (and quadrangles), you will enjoy this.

Acting wise, I believe the couple Kang So Ra/Yoo Yeon Seok had great chemistry. Their first kiss left me a bit mmmh, but then they make up for it on the last episode. I like when Korean actors are able to act kissing scenes well. After all, it is censorship that limitates the passion during a romantic kiss, but the actors do that as a job and I suppose they also know how to kiss. Back to the couple, they were cute and I felt they were comfortable around each other. The other actors were also okay. I didn’t like how some delivered their lines, but I can’t have it all…

In the music department, the OST got stuck in my head. They played the songs a lot, that is probably why. They were likeable, especially “Butterfly” and the one by Hyorin.

Overall, I would rewatch this if I am bored because it is not a tough drama. But I would not define this a masterpiece because the plot has been used and overused in kdrama land. Honestly, I expected more from Hong sisters but I don’t dislike what they have created.



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