Kdrama Review: Mask Ep 9-12

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Good evening. Today I watched episodes 11 and 12 of SBS drama “Mask” and wow. Things developed A LOT in these two episodes. This drama keeps on being surprisingly good, and I am glad I am following it.

The first arc of the drama ended at Episode 10. We can say we are now into the crucial part of the show, and I have no idea of how things will turn out. More and more people are finding out that Seo Eun Ha is not Seo Eun Ha, and Seok Hoon is trying to cover the scam for himself. But when Ji Sook starts to act in a way he didn’t expect, will he waver? Ji Sook and Min Woo keep on getting closer, but will he accept her when he finds out the truth? Oh, and more. What if who we thought killed the real Eun Ha, didn’t kill her?

It seems that no matter who finds out who Eun Ha really is, Seok Hoon keeps her (their secret). The woman has finally understood that he is willing to do anything to protect his plan and make possible for it to come to conclusion. This is why she tries to use reverse psychology on him several times, until she really confuses him. Ji Sook was like this on the first two episodes of the drama: she was a smart girl who pursued her ideals and stood against what she thought unreasonable, or else she would have accepted Seok Hoon’s offer to be SEH sooner. This Ji Sook disappeared once she came into the Choi household and she was kept under control by her brother-in-law. This emotional manipulation and the fear to let her family drift apart because of their debts, is what made her submissive to Seok Hoon. She and Min Woo are the same in this. They are both strong people with some hardships, and they don’t believe in themselves and their abilities.

Ji Sook always looked down and said ‘I’m sorry’, when it wasn’t reason for her too, while Min Woo stood with his head up high but he was not confident of himself. This is because he probably wants to show a lot to his father, who seems an exigent person. He was often treated as if he was a scared man, and in a way, he was. We see Ji Sook take care of that for him. She has the motherly strength that he lacks because he has been lead to believe he was crazy. Ji Sook helps him up and goes to check on him while he has nightmares or he is sleeping. On Episode 11, when Min Woo breaks down because he finds out he has been lied to, she cradles him on her chest as if he was a child. Truth is Min Woo never got over the loss of his dear mother and blamed someone for her death his entire life. I am sure somebody killed her, but we won’t find out about that yet. Ji Sook is taking the role of loving caretaker and she is doing a great job as his wife, despite she tells him she won’t fall in love for him. Too bad for her, I believe she’s already fallen but she is denying to herself because she is aware that if she is discovered, Min Woo would probably hate that the person who did these nice things to support him, has also lied about her identity. SIGH. This thing makes me very sad and I wonder when she will tell him who she really is. My mind is thinking about a scenario where, after Min Woo finds out Eun Ha is not Eun Ha, he breaks with her but eventually ends up teaming up with her. I hope that he discovers this when Seok Hoon is not defeated yet.

I’m glad that we finally got to see a stronger Ji Sook and Min Woo. Episodes 11-12 were an opposed mirror of the 1st and 2nd. We see how the actions of their counterparts (Eun Ha for Ji Sook and Seok Hoon for Min Woo) have been planned carefully and the contrast between the secret lovers-but-cannot-get-married EunHa/SeokHoon and the married couple-but-they-say-they-are-not-in-love JiSook/MinWoo. Seok Hoon couldn’t even sing Happy Birthday to Eun Ha on the day of her b-day, while Min Woo embarrassed himself a bit at Ji Sook/Eun Ha’s b-day by singing the song in front of everyone. It turns out SH only thinks about himself, his safety and his plans, while MW is making a big effort to make his wife smile, just like his wife is doing with him. I believe SH loved EH, even if he loved her more as a partner in crime rather than a pure and simple love. He loved her in a way that he wanted to make plans with her and conquer the world, but I think he has megalomania. A person can aim high, but there is a limit he can reach if he climbs the stairs with deception. And the fall will be more bitter…

It looks like there will be a new heir in the Choi household, by the way. Mi Yeon says she’s pregnant and her pregnancy test was positive, but I wouldn’t put hope in that. She didn’t go to the doctor yet and that will confirm or deny whether if there is a baby or not. Like I said, my guts tell me no, there is not a baby and her period is late. It can happen that a test is a false/positive. I think Mi Yeon will lie about her pregnancy if her doctor checks that there is no baby. She cries for her husband’s attention, but he does not give her any! He is stuck on his work and plans and he cares more about watching Min Woo and Ji Sook from the hidden camera in their room, rather than spend time with his own wife. Plus, Mi Yeon will want more attention or will drink to death, because he realizes she has killed Eun Ha for real because she didn’t call anybody to help her out of the pool when she fell. She thought that she’d be safe by deleting the CCTV, but she is the instigator and she will either lose her baby because she will get drunk or because there is no baby. I don’t think that, if she gets arrested for murder because they find the proofs, she will give birth to the kid in prison. It already happened on “Secret Love” (previous drama of the same writer) but it was at the beginning, not the end. Hopefully, since papa Choi mentioned in the past, they will also make a baby for Ji Sook and Min Woo. They are married after all… and I feel they will get a bed scene, so there is a possibility after all. ihihih!

Okay, after I wrote over 1000 words, I think I should stop here for today. With “Mask” I will see you after Episode 16 will air because I am reviewing four episodes per post. Good night! ❤


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