Kdrama Review: Blade Man


It took me so long, but finally I made it. I started this kdrama when it started, last Autumn. I had watched it while it aired, but for some reason I didn’t watch the last two episodes until a few days ago.

The main reason I watched this was Lee Dong Wook. He is one of my favorite actors and the role was new in the world of drama, so I was curious as to see how it would be handled by the writer, since there are no comparisons in this environment.

However, this drama didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it. It ended up low ratings as well, and I tried to analyze why. There are a lot of lacks in this work of fiction.

Blade Man deals the story of Joo Hong Bin (played by Lee Dong Wook), the CEO of a video game company who is a bit crazy and demanding of everyone. He shut his heart and became cold and reckless after a few years before his father pushed his beloved girlfriend Kim Tae Hee, out of his life. Son Se Dong (played by Shin Se Kyung) is a young woman who wants to sell the video game she has been thinking about with her group of friends, but she is unlucky. She has no family besides her dear friends, and works hard to make her dream come true. One day their destiny entwine when the woman and her team start to work for Hong Bin’s company Global Games, but it is not all. Se Dong also happens to take care of a child, Chang, who later is found out to be Hong Bin’s son with his ex Tae Hee. From that moment on the two start falling in love and experience new things, like taking care of their family. Hong Bin starts caring for Chang and Se Dong in way he didn’t think possible, but there is still mystery around him and his household. How and why blades come out of his body when he gets super angry?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble of thoughts, but we never really find out why. Blade Man is a drama with an interesting storyline that fails to reach the expectations of the plot. It could have been a good superhero drama with sci-fi things in it, but it didn’t. In the end they didn’t explain many things and left some questions unresolved, or they either resolved them badly.

Among the many faults of this drama, besides the simple and not cured writing there is a big non-existing connection between the scenes. I explain: on a drama that it is written not well, but even bad, usually there is connection between one scene and another. The viewer ends up understanding if he keeps attention while watching, am I correct? Here you had to keep extra attention because it looked as if some scenes were cut off right away, without giving any hint on how a question was resolved, or resolving it in a way that was too predictable. The characters ended up having no sane goal, as if they were confused the whole time. The plot developed but it brough to nothing in particular.

This is why, imo, the ratings dropped. The drama started off with a curious story, but ended up leaving no impression on the viewer. The characters ended up being very cold and not tri-dimensional and deep. Their emotions were expressed badly by the writer, not the actors, because I saw how they tried to give more to their alter ego as they acted; they are good actors after all. I felt as if they didn’t know what to do as well, as if they were acting in a thing they didn’t sign up for.

Lee Dong Wook ended up being very disappointed and sad by this drama, if I may. He likes challenges, but perhaps he should had refused this, like Ji Sung did before him (they offered this drama to him first). It was literally a crazy project that was not cured like it should had, and therefore failed even though Wookie put all of his best efforts in order to complete it, like always. I was sad for this flop of his career, and I hope he has not accepted any new role yet, because he is reviewing with attention before accepting a new drama.

Shin Se Kyung was unexpectedly nice in her role of Se Dong, but she didn’t push herself too harder to get better. Be it the contrived writing, or sadness for the bad rating; she could have done better, and I am glad she chose to act in Sensory Couple after this, because the roles were similar, the one of SC was only written better than this one.

Sad to say this, but besides a few moments, I don’t think Wookie and SSK have chemistry. They look more like brother and sister, and I felt they were not in their roles completely. They didn’t give me a feeling of lovely couple like I have it for other dramas. Their scenes were too cold and a bit unbelievable, but this is also fault of the writing. Wookie’s scenes with his secretary and his son on the drama were more ‘shippy’ moments rather than the ones with SSK.

This drama goes under the ‘could have been better but it lacked substance’ kind of work. Sad. But it has a good ending at least.

RATING: 7/10


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2 Responses to Kdrama Review: Blade Man

  1. Kay says:

    I really enjoyed Lee Dong Wook in this. I found the first half pretty decent, but the writing really took a nosedive in the second half. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • purplebass says:

      Thank you! And I agree with you. The drama had good promises, and the first 6-10 episodes or so were decent and interesting. Perhaps the decline in ratings didn’t make the writer wanting to engage more in the story, but rather just finish it because of the contract he had with the network.


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