Book Review: Bared to you by Sylvia Day


Okay, I want to start by saying I didn’t even want to write a review for this book, because I didn’t like it. But these kind of books I displeased a bit also deserve an opinion, after all. That is why I writing this blog post.

Bared to you follows the Fifty Shades trend of books with heavy sex scenes featured in them. It was published in 2012 and most likely, it was written because since the latter came out, many writers (and not) decided to try this route.

This can be a double-edged path. It can be either entertaining, or disturbing, or annoying, or more. One should remember that it is not only the sex that sells the book, but also the plot, at least for me.

The book is told in first person by 24 year old Eva Tramell, a woman who just moved to live and work in New York city with her best friend Cary. She has a dark past because of something that happened to her when she was very young, and she decided to live in this new state to try something new and go her own way without the help of her stepfather. When she goes to check out the building where she will work, she meets Gideon Cross, a hot bachelor who cannot stop leaving his eyes off her and that she later finds out it’s her boss (she works at a PR agency). Cross calls Eva to his office when she starts working, and he makes it clear to her that he wants her, but he is not a romantic man and doesn’t love to be involved with women in some serious relationship. The woman tries to reject him in the beginning, until she ends up going several times into his pants and makes him question his beliefs about relationships and whatnot.

I found this book easy to read. It has a quick writing and you cannot help to turn the pages, but it has some flaws that I cannot overlook. For sure, it does have a story other than the sex, and in my opinion the whole thing could have been interesting, if not for all those sexual intercourse between the main characters. I understand that Gideon and Eva use sex to escape discussing the real matter here. Eva wants love and wants to be in a relationship. She hates to be called a submissive by her partner and that he digs into her life without asking her first. But enough is enough.

There is sex on every chapter besides the first four or five, or less. It is ALL about the sex, that the couple does in various places and various positions. The writer is very good at writing sex but I found the reactions of the characters redundant. It is really unpredictable, even if it lets you know about the facts of Gideon and Eva step by step. The last part annoyed me so much because it was basically jealousy -make up sex – jealousy – make up sex…! I like books with sex scenes, but not overused like here. The sex made me like it less because they did it a lot.

I was looking for a different story. I even liked the plot besides the sex, but so far is not enough to make me continue the saga, which contains other four books. I have read the synopsis of book #2 and read that there is less sex on it. This could make me go on and check it out. Hopefully, the main couple will be more of a couple with intrigues around them, and make sex (or love) only when needed.

Another thing I didn’t like, was how the main female protagonist let herself be possessed and ordered around by the male character. She has a backbone at first, and she dares to reject him even though he allures her and she would go to bed with him. Then, after she realizes that he is really into her, she starts being a bit weaker and lets herself be lured to him and don’t compromise despite she doesn’t agree with what he is wanting her or them to do. I know that love and obsession can make people forget about their principles and make them do actions they never thought possible, but there is a limit and the couple should try to arrive to a point where both of their wishes will be granted. I know this is hard, but not impossible. After all, it is a book!

RATING: 2/5 stars


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