Kdrama Review/Recap: Mask Ep 5-8


Waited to watch these other four episodes of SBS Mask before reviewing further. This drama is really getting into my head week after week. I am thankful it is already Sunday because it’s only three days before Wednesday again and a new episode. This drama is getting better episode after episode, and this makes me happy!

A funny thing to mention before I continue. I watched one of the teasers trailers for this drama and what the…? The song in the background, I thought it was familiar, and I was right because it’s the instrumental music of a song called “Gocce di Memoria” (Drops of Memory) by an italian singer called Giorgia. The music is awesome, no wonder they used it as a background tune for the drama. 😀

In this batch of episodes from 5 to 8, new developments happened. Min Woo and Eun Ha are adjusting to married life, but it seems that it is still tough for them. Some things changed for the better in their relationship, but it is still early to say that everything is set, since the evil characters are always there to linger into good people’s lives. The secrets are harder to keep in this environment.

Let’s take a closer look; I will write a sort of review-quick recap of each episode.

On Episode 5, we see how things went after Ji Sook/Eun Ha, found her mother in the woods and Min Woo was moved by this. This made him appreciate his wife more, because he cherished his own mother as well. By doing this, Eun Ha put herself in a difficult position. By showing herself to her mother, she exposed herself and her current identity. Her brother starts digging more into her because he believes – rightly – that she is his sister, but he doesn’t make a move yet. He gets in a bad way as well, because he starts collecting money for the thugs to repay his family’s debt.

Mi Yeon, Min Woo’s sister, keeps on being suspicious of Eun Ha with her mother (who is a big bitch). They try to dig into her past as well when they get photos of her with her real mother, but thanks to Seok Hoon, they get the wrong documents. This one keeps on warning Eun Ha because the woman keeps on doing as her head tells her, in order to save her family like a secret Daddy Long-legs. This character scares me at times because he comes off very violent with Eun Ha, because he knows she is capable of running away and do as she pleases, but I think he also has a soft spot for her because she is the dead ringer of his lover.

After the accident in the woods, things between Min Woo and Eun Ha get better and the two spend more time together as he tries to reason with an unfair question. Eun Ha tries to influence her husband for the better, but he always reminds her that they only have a business contract and she shouldn’t interfere. The feelings between them are already there, but Eun Ha is trying not to ‘feel’ anything in order to keep up her masquerade. Min Woo can’t help it as he keeps on worrying about his wife even when he said he wasn’t, and on this episode he secretly picks her up to let her sleep on the other side of the bed. Eun Ha’s help is precious on this episode. She helps Min Woo not to fall into a trap Seok Hoon has planned to embarrass him and get him arrested, and the two also share a sensual dance during the anniversary party featured towards the end. Things are about to heat up again between the couple, when Ji Sook’s brother interrupts the party.

Min Woo finally starts his job at the headquarters on Episode 6. The guys at the office are funny, and along with the secretary and the people working at his household, they give a lighter tone to this melodrama. But while you would think he would be putting all of his efforts into work, you’re wrong. Like many kdrama chaebols, he seems like he spends more time thinking about his lady-love, rather than working! Min Woo wants to know who the guy who interrupted the party is, and Eun Ha tells him that he is her stalker and past lover. He gets jealous but Eun Ha tries to cut ties with her real brother before he questions her more about her similarity with Ji Sook. Mi Yeon also becomes interested about this guy because she sees him often outside of their property, and wants to find Eun Ha’s skeletons to shame her. First, she humiliates her by making her clean the bathrooms at the art gallery where she is currently working, but her plan fails when Min Woo comes and finds his wife doing what she shouldn’t do. I love that Min Woo is a sort of life saver for Eun Ha, because he cares for her more than his reputation – even though he says he’d be put in a shameful position if people found out about this. Min Woo blames Eun Ha of making him worry, but like I said above, it’s just a way to fool himself that it is a bad thing she’s doing to him. The two have an interview with a magazine, but Eun Ha doesn’t seem in the mood to lie that day. Min Woo wants her to be honest with him (because he’s subtly jealous!) but she can’t be for obvious reasons. He asks her to go somewhere and takes her to his mother’s ‘tomb’ since it’s her memorial day. It is so cute of him to introduce Eun Ha to his mother, and the woman looks astonished of this. Min Woo plays the violin for his mother while she’s going out of there, and Eun Ha most likely thought that was really a nice thought of him. Eun Ha makes Min Woo worry again when she loses her ring in the currents of the river and falls in the water as she tries to pick it up. He gets mad because after all he could buy her a new ring, but Eun Ha insists that she wanted to pick it up. She ends up completely drenched and night is about to fall down with its cold, so there’s a couple of awkward moments between them since she needs to get out of those clothes to heat up. Added to that, Min Woo’s car breaks down. We find out that it was thanks to his sister Mi Yeon, who tells her husband and this way, the couple is able to be brought back home safe. But Seok Hoon doesn’t seem to like what he sees when he finds them, and gets the wrong ideas only because Eun Ha was undressed and hiding under Min Woo’s clothes.

We see that Min Woo and Eun Ha are safely back home on Episode 7. As usual, Seok Hoon threatens her when she wakes up, and his wife surprises them and gets annoyed again. Seok Hoon’s visit brought a bag full of money for Ji Sook’s family to pay their debt, and also a glass of Ginseng tea that she doesn’t drink (we have to still understand what was in it). She tries to take those money to her mother and father in any way possible, but while doing so, the jerk ex-colleague that appeared in Episode 1 or 2, sees her and of course takes her as Byun Ji Sook. She is not able to hide her fear and runs away while she is at lunch with Min Woo, who happens to see the jerk talking to her as if she is a toy, and he thinks that there may be/has been something between them as well. We discover that this man also knows Seok Hoon, because he is one of the sons of a construction boss and he wants SJ Group to use them to buy their new shopping mall. The jerk is also curious about Eun Ha and who she really is, because he thinks she married a chaebol since she is hungry for money. Min Woo keeps on thinking about Eun Ha while he works, because he wants her to be healthy after the night they spent outside in the cold where she could get hypothermia and risk her life. It’s funny how he asks his subordinates at work for advice, and ends up asking his secretary to call his wife to tell her nice words. Eun Ha looks cheerful, but she is still worried because she can’t still cut ties with her family and is sad not to be able to help her mother when she falls and coughs blood after she run after her. Moreover, there’s the problem with the jerk. She goes to Seok Hoon for her, but ends up not telling him anything but he finds out anyway. At night, Min Woo and Eun Ha have a drink and talk about masks and the fact that they are both wearing one. They look pensive and she looks super sad because she would like to confess to her husband the truth, but she can’t. It happens that it’s raining and Eun Ha ends up mentioning a poem about wanting a chest to cry on, and Min Woo tells her that it’s his favorite poem as well and ends up comforting her by holding her tight. But she doesn’t want this moment to last long or she’ll be lost into it, so she pulls away. Min Woo opens his heart to her at that point, and the two finally kiss as Seok Hoon watches them from afar. Eun Ha pulls away quickly and her husband looks offended a bit. She starts talking about not being Eun Ha but someone else, and the episode ends.

The last Episode for today, the 8th, starts with the ending of the previous. Eun Ha is about to confess the truth to Min Woo, but Seok Hoon abruptly gets home and lies to her in order to get her away from her husband. Eun Ha gets mad and vows not to be kidded anymore by his lies. Things for Eun Ha get a little worse when her father-in-law suggests her and Mi Yeon work at Min Woo’s company and start from the bottom. Mi Yeon obviously doesn’t want to do anything, but Ji Sook works diligently until jerk man comes to the office because he wants to talk to her husband. She starts running away again, making jerk man suspect about her even more and go to Seok Hoon for an explanation. As Eun Ha works, Min Woo starts to investigate about a pen his sister gave him. He goes to Seok Hoon to ask him too, when he suddenly realizes the relationship between that object and a picture in the man’s office and wants to ask his wife more about it but he can’t. Eun Ha is very worried because she received a message from her brother on her phone. He is about to do something bad for the thugs, not knowing that Seok Hoon is already taking care of the matter for his benefit. She is on her way out when Min Woo asks her to tag along to see where she is going. A small accident makes them stop and as Min Woo gets out of the car, Eun Ha speeds up and leaves until police stops her and takes her to the police station. The policeman gets suspicious when he sees her photograph and wants her fingerprints to confirm her identity, but Min Woo arrives just in time to stop this from happening. He arrives after realizing the connection of Eun Ha’s picture with the pen, and I am not sure which reaction he will have next.

My Comment:

This is going really well as I expected. So far the writer hasn’t disappointed me and I hope that she/he won’t in the future either. This is a well-built drama with lots of turns and mysteries to count. A world where you can’t trust anybody because they are all playing a part, they are all wearing a mask.

The romance is developing nicely. I like when a couple is forced to get engaged or married against their will, because on fictional works like kdramas, the initial hate and diffidence will transform into love sooner or later. This is what I am sure will happen between Ji Sook and Min Woo. He’s already fallen for her without knowing, and she’s fell too, but she is trying not to put her hopes up and open up to him because after all, she is not Seo Eun Ha. The woman has become like a ‘cure’ for Min Woo. After he’s been living with her, he looks less obsessed with cleanliness and he’s letting himself touch her without being disgusted by it. My instincts tell me that we’ll see a bed scene on this drama, huh oh oh. On the other side, Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon – you can tell how much effort they are putting to convince themselves and their partner that they love each other when they don’t. The man has a lot of repressed anxiety and she has a lot of repressed jealousy as well. He didn’t seem too happy to see that Ji Sook and Min Woo kissed, because he is letting himself be fooled by her features who look exactly like Eun Ha’s. He’s raging up inside, that is why he threatens her. Deep inside, that is all rage and jealousy he has towards her and Min Woo because they are falling in love with each other. Speaking of Seok Hoon, he claims he wants to build a new world made of remarkable people like himself. I wonder what does he mean? Perhaps he wants to get very powerful to show that even a person who was poor like him can climb up higher? I have no idea. The motives he has are still mysterious and secret so far.


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