Kdrama Review: Pinocchio

PINOCCHIO+KOREAN+DRAMA+POSTERHi all! First, good Sunday wherever you are.
Today I am going to write a review about a drama I started so long ago, which is Pinocchio. Before this started in November 2014, I was so and so about watching it. It had an interesting plot, but not enough to make me watch it yet. I finally started this when I had to subtitle it from English to Italian.

Pinocchio is a melodrama starring Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk), and Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye). Ha Myung is a kid when the drama starts off. His family is simple and he seems to live a happy life with them, until one day his father, who is a fireman, disappears in a big fire where his firemen die. Soon the press and especially a reporter, Sung Cha Ok, frame him to have led his men to die because there was nobody inside of the factory that was burning, so she claims he let his mates die for nothing and escaped after he knew his wrongdoing. This starts to make people turn against Ha Myung’s family and despise them, as if the fault is theirs. They arrive to a critic condition until Ha Myung’s mother decides to make a final choice: she throws herself and her son in the ocean to die, leaving HM’s brother (who was trying to prove his father’s innocence) behind.

Ha Myung is saved by a kind harabeoji who lives on an island. He believes HM is his lost son, and so he changes his name into Choi Dal Po to survive. One day, the other son of his new “father”, Dal Pyeong, arrives on the island with his daughter In Ha. They are coming from Seoul after his divorce, hoping for a calm life on the island.  Dal Pyeong knows the little guy is not his real brother, but he lets him stay anyway for the wellbeing of his father. Ha Myung and the girl don’t get along well at first, until it seems he develops a cute romance towards her. Everything is about to get broken, though. One day In Ha is able to watch TV in secret despite her father’s orders. She tells Ha Myung she wants to see her omma on the screen, but when the guy sees who she is, he is shocked, because In Ha’s mother is Sung Cha Ok, the reporter who framed his family. Ha Myung turns bitter towards the girl, because he can’t love the daughter of the person who destroyed his life.

From then on Ha Myung lives with the Choi family as In Ha’s uncle by law, since his father has adopted him. He still likes the girl, and she likes him too, but he has to keep his feelings hidden in order to get revenge on her mother in the future. But how can he do so?

Let’s start with a premise.

I liked this drama, but at the same time, I didn’t. This is due to some reasons. The plot was good. It didn’t only have romance, but also action and mystery. What you saw on the surface, was never the truth. This drama is about how mass media manipulate news to get high ratings and cover up the misdeeds of politicians or stars. It is not necessarily 100% realistic, but in my opinion most of it is. This is why I couldn’t bear to watch it for a long time as I subbed it.

This work arose a lot of things like, is it better to have good news or bad news first? Is it better to lie than to tell the truth? How far are people willing to go to protect themselves?

Pinocchio is a strong drama where the characters are put under a big amount of stress and obstacles that prevent them to find out the truth. While this is something I like because it is annoying to get everything just like that, in this drama my emotions were touched too much and I couldn’t push myself to keep watching. It is a weird feeling, that rarely happened to me as I watched anything. Perhaps I was sad about all the things that have happened to the protagonists to have the time to tell myself, “don’t worry, it’s fiction after all”. Despite that, I was able to finish it.

Lee Jong Suk was good as always. He is still young and I’m sure he will improve even more, but so far he is already really doing well. He does crying scenes in a very credible way, and you cannot help but sympathize with his humble character. I found his choices to be reasonable throughout the drama. Park Shin Hye was also cool. She was my favorite on the drama, and her acting made me become a fan of hers. She is cute and her character is very kind and smart. Her chemistry with Jong Suk was cute, even though I do not ship them.

Lee Yo Bi and Kim Young Kwang as the secondary protagonists Yoon Yu Rae and Seo Bum Jo, were very funny. I hope to see more of him on a new drama.

The other characters were also very important to this drama. This, unlike many others, was focused on a lot of people from Ha Myung and In Ha’s family and the rival networks MSC and YGN. This variety of people made the drama enjoyable and presented various issues about being a reporter and reporting news. I hope someone will give a lead role to Lee Pil Mo sooner or later, because I have a soft spot for him since Emergency Couple, haha.

VOTE: 8.5/10


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