Kdrama Review: Sorry I Love You

im-sorry-i-love-youA few weeks ago I wrote that I had started this old kdrama with So Ji Sub. Well, after some tiring weeks, I have finished it. The reasons why I haven’t done so earlier are a bunch, but let’s say that I got annoyed mostly.

This is not a kdrama everyone can watch, not only for the genre but also because of its ending. The premise says it all: SILY is a drama about a man, Cha Moo Hyuk, who lives in Australia and wants to find his biological mother. He gets shot in the head at his girlfriend’s wedding and because of this, he has a few months to live. When he finds out his real mother while he gets back to Seoul, he wants to get revenge on her instead of telling her the truth about himself. He didn’t calculate that he would come to like people who surround his real family and this will make him and the woman he loves, suffer a lot towards the end.

This is not a drama for everyone, like I said. If you like melo, go on. If you are ready to face an ending that is not exactly the best, go on. If you like SJS or JKH like me, go on. But if you are looking for romantic scenes, sugar, nice words, do not watch this drama. This treats a lot of things without obsessing too much over something, leaving some questions unresolved that would be too bothersome for some people to understand (that is why a lot of people drop this drama). Here’s another person who watched for the two awesome male leads of this drama. I highly regret watching this, but being a fan of SJS and JKH, I had to watch because this is one of their most famous projects so far. If it weren’t for them, I would have dropped this earlier, and here’s why.

Story: the story is nothing new. Typical revenge/birth secret plot where everything is overturned by the end. Here things were presented in a stereotypical yet innovative way, that I often find in old kdramas. Things were told step by step and even in the end some things were left unsaid, perhaps to let the viewer imagine. The whole plot was very ambiguous. The characters had their own strong or dull way to deliver their feelings. Most of the times, especially in the latest episodes, the main leads above all were silent and didn’t talk for loooooong. That, despite is a way to have dialogue, annoyed me so much. I get that silence can be meaningful, but perhaps that is not my piece of cake. I’d rather have the characters talk and conclude something than being silent for 20 minutes. Maybe I am an idiot, who knows! But I don’t think so. I just believe silence was overused in here, and it can annoy so much. Wow, how many times did I say annoy in this paragraph? It didn’t do enough to catch my attention and make me appreciate it.

Acting: This is the only high value of this review. Despite the story being blah (even tho it was handled okay), the acting was superb. SJS is always the best when it comes to melodrama and his “omg, I have so much complexes inside of me” – face – is perfect. He made his Cha Moo Hyuk character really deep and complicated that you always wondered what was going on in his head. He made him look very unpredictable, which is cool because it gives the audience more surprises. JKH despite being only 21-22 in this drama, also did a good job. He has such a beautiful smile and he is able to show a lot of emotions through it, because you know, a smile can also be bitter and sad. All the times I have seen him, he transmitted me joy or sadness according to what his character felt. This male pair was awesome, I regret that perhaps they didn’t get enough screen time together. The female protagonists also acted well, but honestly they didn’t make me become a fan of theirs. Most of the time ISJ’s Eun Chae was like Moo Hyuk, she was unpredictable and it annoyed me how she behaved. I understand she loved both guys the same way, but she had to choose at some point.

Music: Okay. The instrumental songs on the piano were cool and I also like Choi Yoon’s song very much.

Rewatch Value: I would rewatch this only if paid. I ended up bored and as if I lost my time watching this. I can take melodrama, makjang, thriller, but this was too much. I can’t put up with the ending, I felt totally unsatisfied. It has meaning, of course, but I still find it MEH. The only drama that left me like this was What Happened in Bali, casually SJS did this in the same year of Sorry I Love You. If you have watched that one and were rolling your eyes at the ending, you may do it again with this, so don’t watch!

My rating is very low. Like I wrote, this wasn’t exactly a good drama but it wasn’t bad either. It is a drama that you should watch only if you are in a good mood and are able to go on without skipping any parts, because it can have dull moments that imo had meaning, but at the same time, they were dragged too much. It was too much in general. Too out of conception to me.

RATING: 5.5/10


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