Kdrama Review: Mask Ep 1-4

Mask_(Korean_Drama)-p1“If you wear a mask, you can never be happy.”

Let’s start this week with a new kdrama, shall we?

After Falling for Innocence and Sensory Couple ended two weeks ago, I thought it would be hard for me to find a new kdrama to be addicted to, but luckily I was wrong.

Yesterday evening, annoyed by the weather and from the useless TV programs of my country, I decided to start watching this new SBS Wed-Thu drama called “Mask“. Best decision ever. I also saw it reached and passed 10%, so this should be an indication people are liking it as well.

Mask is a melo/romance/mystery drama that talks about doppelgänger and, like the title says, about the masks people are willing to put or have to put when they live, in order to survive in the world. The writer of this drama is the same of Secret Love with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum which aired on KBS in 2013. If you loved that one, you will love this one no doubt.

The main female protagonist of this drama is Byun Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae), a girl from a humble family who works at a shopping centre. Her family is full of debts, so she and her parents are often chased by the thugs they owe money from. The male lead is Choi Min Woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon), a phobic man who hates to touch and to be touched and dislikes germs and he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is most likely the heir to his father’s fortune, which I got is a large company that produces clothing, including the shopping mall where Ji Sook works.

The second leads are very important as well. The second male lead, Min Seok Hyeon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon), is married with Min Woo’s sister Mi Yeon (Yoo In Young). He looks like he cares for his wife in the beginning, but we soon discover that he is after someone and something else. His wife is super jealous and she is only able to react /so far/ by drinking and threatening. I still have to find out if Seok Hyeon was poor before he married into this family, or not. Usually poor and ambitious characters are willing to go the lengths he is going to obtain something materialistic.

Well, what’s the plot twist of this drama?

Like I said, it’s a mix. But the main action takes place with Ji Sook’s “death” to pose as Seo Eun Ha (still played by Soo Ae), a wealthy woman who Min Woo will have to marry for business and *drum roll* Seok Hyeon’s secret lover.  Eun Ha drowns because of Min Woo and a drug some maid put into her wine (who was drunk by MW). She goes in a coma and Seok Hyeon hides this from her family and the Choi family in attempt to bring her doppelgänger in the game, even if this means losing her forever. Seok Hyeon wants Eun Ha – now Ji Sook – to marry his brother-in-law, God knows why yet. Ji Sook has many things that push her to make the choice to pretend she’s not who she is. She reluctantly accepts to do this but many things try to bring her back to her past life and her family. Will she be able to live as Eun Ha, a woman who was born into a completely different world than hers?

This is not the only plot twist that is interesting. Min Woo suffers from various disorders, like I said. It seems like he got a trauma when he was a child: he and his mother had to escape from some thugs and they ended up falling into a river and his mother decided to drown in order to saw him. MW keeps on seeing his dead mother in the pool, as well as other hallucinations caused by her. It seems like he hasn’t gotten over her death and feels a lot of remorse that makes him unable to have a relationship with a woman as well. I can’t wait for Ji Sook/Eun Ha to shake his soul and open up to her to be healed. It seems like the ending of Episode 4 moved something in him when he saw her crying while holding her mom.

What is that Seok Hyeon wants? Like I mentioned, he wanted for Min Wook and Eun Ha to GET married at ANY cost – this is why he probably decided to threaten Ji Sook and bring her in this game. I am not sure if he drugged Eun Ha by the pool and caused her accident, above all if he loved her for sure. I am more convinced it could be his wife Mi Yeon who did that on purpose… no idea. The thing that confuses me it’s that Min Woo also had a bottle of water with a drug in it put by the same maid, so we won’t know until we will see who gave the order to this person. I am lead to think it could also be the both of them who did it to the main leads because they are the obstacles to what they want (MY wants her hubby for herself and SH probably wants the company)… but I bet things will take un expected turn. I wonder if Seok Hyeon will fall in love with Ji Sook like he did with Eun Ha.

If this isn’t enough to make you watch, then I give up. PEACE!


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2 Responses to Kdrama Review: Mask Ep 1-4

  1. Drama Lover says:

    XD I’m trying hard to resist temptation given the few dramas I watch at the moment. I’m definitely going to take a look once a few of the current dramas finish after reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • purplebass says:

      This is definitely super worth a watch! You won’t regret 😀 But like you said, temptation! Now that I have watched all the episodes that have aired, I need more!


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