Review: The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 9 – 16

Hi ^^ I need to post more reviews because I’ve been slow, and this is why I am posting this as I finished watching this drama. As you may have read, I had previous reviewed this up to Episode 8. Usually that’s the turning point, and it was the same for this drama as well.

I had already told you I was really liking this drama, and the last episodes weren’t an exception. Unlike many dramas, the story didn’t drag too much and didn’t annoy me either.

Finally we got some answers, but not only us viewers. Cho Rim started to slowly find out herself and her past, in a way that I have considered good for the accident that she was involved into. Her scenes were cute and she and Moo Gak looked like the perfect lovebirds, but this is not going to last. The episodes in between this part were really tough.

Cho Rim finds out that she has the same name of Moo Gak’s dead sister and that the killer slit her throat because he mistook her for her. It was a sort different way to separate a couple in a kdrama, but it still annoyed me. On this phase I found that the feelings of the characters didn’t look that deep. I don’t know why, maybe it was the portrayal. I think SSK has changed but she still has some flaws when she has to act characters who get sad or feel very emotional.

When these moments ended, it was finally time to catch the murderer. Moo Gak and Kwon Jee has their subtle ways to understand each other. Like I mentioned previously, the killer had the same blank expression or diverted face, as Ramsay Snow on Game of Thrones. NGM did a good ob portraying him, because he really made the character appear heartless and one who took pleasure in taking people’s life. One thing that I found not cool, was that we didn’t really find out why he killed who he killed. We only found out why he drew the bar codes on people’s arms and why he asked them to write their lives on the “books”.

The way the detectives’ squad finds the culprit and the way he tries to run away did not drag the story, and let the writer add more sweet and funny moments to the drama.

VOTE: 8.5


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2 Responses to Review: The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 9 – 16

  1. Drama Fan says:

    Its a really fun drama I feel. A little outside the norm. I honestly think Park Yoo Chun did fantastic on his role, and Shin Se Kyung did pretty well as well. It was funny at times and it also had the suspense when it needed it, contributing to a really successful drama. 🙂

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    • purplebass says:

      Yes, I agree ^^ I laughed a lot when PYC did those comedy sketches and humor in general, he was very natural. I hope he’ll do some romcom in the future because he’d be fit in a comedic role. SSK has upgraded since her past dramas. At times she didn’t put the empathy required, but generally she did a good job thus acting mistakes can be forgiven easily. She should also look for a comedic role as well, because imo she has played characters who didn’t fit her as an actress in the past and that made audience dislike her acting. They had a great chemistry together 😀


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