Sunshine and Sisterhood Award

Hello all!!! Long time no see. I have been very, very busy these days and I couldn’t update this blog just once. But now that school is ending and therefore I will have less work to do with kids, I may be able to update more.

I have been tagged for the Sunshine and Sisterhood Award by @idreamedadrama, and I can finally give my replies now. Thank you for nominating me. ^^

Here’s the rules:

Link the blogger who nominated you on your posts.

– Answer the ten questions that were given to you.

– Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

– Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.

Here’s my answers [under the cut]

#1.  I half-coined a saying which goes thus: drama biases come and go…but great kdramas stay forever. Which words of wisdom could you share, inspired from your interest in kdramas?

Mmmh, what can I say. A drama is a small piece of work (or bigger depending on the # of episodes) that can open a laaaarge world. Each one brings a new meaning to the life of the person who watches. Naturally not all the time, but most of it, yes. They can teach how to solve a problem, how to be content with what you have, how to treasure people, and even how to get revenge on some! Basically, dramas show you that even though life can be hard, in the end it’s the person who chooses their destiny, whether they fall or they win.

#2.  Blogging about kdramas is my little happy place, a PTSD pill of sorts and just a little way to express what kdramas have brought to blossom within my deepest depths. If you blog about kdramas, tell us the positive side of things or negative as the case may be. What is kdrama blogging to you?

To me talk about kdramas is a delightful past-time to think deeply about what I saw. Most of the times a person can watch something and move on quickly from it, but I try to go deeper and analyze because aside from some occasions, usually kdramas want to inspire something and give a lesson to the audience. Through my blog, I could reason on those aspects that I would avoided otherwise.

#3.  A good kdrama OST can go a long way – that’s another phrase I coined *wink*. Some songs from kdrama OSTs stick around long after the drama has faded from your heart or mind. Which one song in a Kdrama do you think perfectly suited the moments or scenes in the drama they were used? Hint: mine is from Birth of a Beauty titled Dazzling by Lee Hae Na. I love that song!

Right now I am thinking about a song from Hotel King’s OST called “It Hurts” by Kim Jin Ho… it sticks perfectly on the whole drama, which was a hurting ride, haha!

#4.  Every one hates a sad ending but even worse is a bad ending!! Kdramas can be guilty of those especially when it hits you out of nowhere. For example in my case, Sword and Flower and more recently Jang Hyuk’s Shine or Go Crazy. Which drama finale past or present has got you screaming Noooooo! Or you wish you could change? (minus any major spoilers, just the title of the drama would do =)

I haven’t watched many sad dramas, but I would change the ending of So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung’s drama “What Happened in Bali”… the ending had meaning, but at the same time, it was too much of a mess.

#5.  Who was your first kdrama crush male or female? And is the crush still the same today or do you have a new one? If so who is it and why? (so many questions in one question sawry)

My first kdrama crush must be So Ji Sub. He is still my crush but truth is, I have so many crushes! haha.

#6.  Which kdrama actor male or female do you think hasn’t reached their full potential? Considering roles or dramas. What do you think they should do differently? They could be established actors or upcoming.

Many of them in my opinion. If I were to mention one of the ones I like, maybe Lee Dong Wook. He is a good actor, but he has tried too many different roles and this is not a good thing at times, because it is not that he is fit for each of them. I believe he should try to improve his acting in some particular roles and this way he will reach his full potential and he will be liked by more people.

#7.  Mind control. How bad (or not) is your kdrama addiction? Have you done 48 hr binges on  finishing a single drama? Have you gone raw a few times (watching a drama raw, no subtitles possibly minutes after the episode drops on streaming sites) This is assuming you don’t speak/understand Korean. So how bad is it? (you can rate it from 1 to 10.)

Last year it was very bad. I used to watch dramas without subs or even LIVE from my phone (I live in GMT+1 so it was afternoon when they aired). Right now my obsession has dimnished and I watch 2-3 episodes a day or even week, due to being busy. If I really like a drama, though, I can finish it in 3 days. So let’s say 6.5.

#8.  This is almost identical to the last question, but still humor me. What’s the worst thing kdramas made you do to yourself? Like losing sleep, forgetting to feed your pets, or do your homework, study for a life-changing exam….the list is endless. Share one?

Maybe lose sleep or become anxious. After a drama ended last year, I kept being sad because of that and couldn’t focus on anything else to distract myself.

#9.  This question is about me. Taking a look at my blog what changes or improvements could I use to make this a better, relevant place? Some of the best tips I’ve discovered are from fellow bloggers pointing them out for which I continue find indispensable.

From how I see it, I like your blog a lot! It has my favorite colors (light blue) and a few images to link the most important pages to. Maybe you could add the image of the moment from a kdrama you like now, or a Youtube box with your favorite kpop or kdrama OST song too.

#10. Ten questions are a lot! Thanks for making it this far. So what is the one question no one has ever asked you, but you wished they had? And what would your answer be?

Maybe which type of kdrama character I like. Like genres, people tend to watch something depending on various factors. For me, it’s because of the story of course, but also the stereotypical characters of the story. There is no story without characters, eheh. I have no preferences regarding actors, but for characters I have a lot.

I don’t know who to nominate now, sigh!

– When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you


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2 Responses to Sunshine and Sisterhood Award

  1. AidaZen says:

    I’m very glad you now had time to post your answers! It’s awesome how you tackled each question. Thank you for the suggestions for my blog and I can’t wait to try them out. By the way, So Ji Sub is a crush sooo worthy of having (because he’s also mine!!).


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