Kdrama Review: Falling For Innocence first impressions

r1xkpg94_7e4146_fHello guys, second post today. I gave my books a break and started another drama, JTBC melo “Falling for innocence/Falling in love with Soon Jung”. They have aired episode 11 today and 12 tomorrow, so it is almost over.

Falling For Innocence is a story about revenge and intentions, I must say innocent intentions. Kang Min Ho (Jung Kyung Ho) is a reckless investor who is trying to get revenge on his uncle who, twenty-five years before, framed his father and stole the company from him and his mother, who then committed suicide. He finds out the daughter of the vice-president who was elected after this happened, is working in the company as a secretary. He seems to dislike this woman already, but she tries to tell him that the fathers and their sons and daughters are related, but the former’s faults shouldn’t fall on the latter. I think Soon Jung means “innocence” in Korean, this is why they named the drama like this. Soon Jung (Kim So Yeon)  may have been the daughter of his father, but she is nothing like him.

Min Ho starts to push his revenge harder when he finds out he has roughly one month to live. He inherited a cardiopaty from his father, and unless he gets a heart transplant, he will die. He is doing all he can to get what he wants before his time his over, and he decides to use Soon Jung to do this and at the same time give her (or better her father, even though he is dead) a lesson.

Soon Jung doesn’t want to at first, but then she decides to do it for the wellness of the company and her boyfriend Dong Wook, who is a policeman but he often gets tangled up in arguments with people and risks to be fired. She and her future husband have been friends since childhood, and every one of them since to have known each other for a long time, like prosecutor Lee Jun Hee (Yoon Hyun Min), who is on the side of Min Ho’s uncle and that seems to have a secret passion for Soon Jung.

It looks like destiny will help Min Ho, because after an accident that could have been fatal, he gets what he could have never dream for… A heart. Due to a big fatality, which is Soon Jung’s man, Dong Wook, getting hurt, Min Ho is able to get surgery and have his heart so he won’t die.

It looks like this surgery changes him forever. With Dong Wook’s heart, which was pure and simple, Min Ho slowly changes and he also develops feelings for Soon Jung. Perhaps they will get revenge on the company together, and he will take his father’s position after all.

I will surely keep watching this. I like the stories where the main lead is “bad” but he is not, not really. Hopefully it won’t be all melodrama and less romance, because I like a balance. Have I already mentioned this, right? haha.

If you like melodrama and business stories as well, I suggest you to watch this too. It airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC.


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