Book Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

latestFinally my review about The Infernal Devices‘ second book, Clockwork Prince. Don’t tell anyone, but I have already finished the third one, haha! For the moment, here is what I thought of this book.

Clockwork Prince is the second of the series, and most of the times, the book in the middle means boredom, but it is not the case of this one. This is a book full of suspense and magical moments that are hinted in the first part. It is a bit after the end of the events of Clockwork Angel. The London Institute is trying to locate Mortmain’s position and think of a plan that could destroy him and his androids, the infernal devices. At the same time they are protecting Tessa, which is the person the man wants the most to put his plans into practice.

Will, Tessa and Jem go to the Yorkshire to find new informations, and there they find something surprising. Will sees his family is living in a manor owned by Mortmain, and he becomes suspicious because he worries the man is threatening them in order to get him and naturally, the Institute and Tessa.

Will gradually goes on a downward spiral as Jem’s health gets worse and the drugs are mysteriously not being given to the places where he usually finds them. And it is not only these two things that are making his head go crazy. We will find the real reason why he is keeping everyone he loves at arm’s length, and luckily, we will see this question resolved by the end.

While Will struggles to find answers, Jem and Tessa are growing closer. Tessa finds in Jem a kind and amiable partner. He is a gentleman, and unlike Will, he is gentle with her and doesn’t say the wrong things at the wrong time. Despite his health, he does all the things he must do in order to protect her. This sudden attachment to Jem will result into something more than just friendship. But will they last? Jem doesn’t know how much he will live, and it seems as if he wants to live fully by Tessa’s side.

Tessa herself is a puddle of thoughts. She is grateful that Charlotte let her stay at the Institute despite she is not a shadowhunter, but at the same time she fears for her friends. Mortmain already attacked and killed some of them, she doesn’t want this to happen again. In this book, Tessa leans on Jem more but she also thinks about Will a lot. She is sad for what he told her in CA, but she can see through him like Jem and is aware there is something going on. She will soon find out how are really things.

A lot of things happen. There’s new betrayals, dramatic turn of events and we will get to know new characters. We will also find out more about the main protagonists and their families as the books goes on. This book was fast-paced like the first one. As usual I loved the banter between the characters. When Will-Tessa-Jem or especially when Will-Jem talk, it’s awesome. They have a nice way to express their thoughts and they seem real people.

Jem-Tessa annoy me a bit when they talk, because they are too sappy at times. Being sweet is cute, but since I do not tend to make sweet-y characters my faves, I was bored. I can’t ship Jem/Tessa for this reason. Jem IS too good. He is okay, I do not hate on him whatsoever, but he is not my cup of tea either. When Jem is with Will, on the other hand, he shows another layer to his personality and I like that side of him more. It was painful to see Will suffer in this book, but the ending was still far and he couldn’t get what he wanted yet. Plus, he had to face a lot of feelings like the possibility to lose his parabatai sooner than he expected, and he was also trying to discover himself.

Overall, it was an exciting and frustrating journey read this book, because of the reasons mentioned above.

VOTE: 4/5


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