Kdrama Review: Healer


Hello, hope you are doing well. It’s really hot over here, and I can’t bear it but it is better than cold weather, haha. Today’s review is of kdrama “Healer”, which ended a couple of months ago. I have started watching this at the beginning of 2015, with a lot of enthusiasm. Then, when the last two episodes were released, I hesitated and kept the final video on the laptop for weeks, until I decided to watch it yesterday. I have no idea what kept me from watching the end, probably I didn’t want it to finish. Watch it after a long time made the moment less sour, haha.

Healer is the story of a night errand guy, Seo Jeong Ho, who goes on special missions just to deliver whatever his clients asked him. His identity must remain a secret, in fact Healer does not have friends and acquaintances until he gets an order from a famous TV reporter, Kim Moon Ho, who wants to find a woman. Jeong Ho is forced to come out and pretend to be another person to infiltrate in the workplace of this girl, Chae Yeong Shin. Here he will make friends, find love, and he will also find about his dark past more in detail.

If we look at the story, it is well-built. Every episode new clues were revealed and made you wonder. There was an intricate map behind the story, and the writer was good at creating it. The characters were deep, and full of layers. They were stereotypical, but not fully stereotyped.

Each actor gave their best and especially the main leads Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, made me love their couple really much. They have a lot of chemistry and could pass as lovers, haha! I ship this. Their romance built up at a medium pace with the girl falling for the guy first. Then he also fell for her because his pain had become unbearable and he needed support. He had denied himself a lot of things since he became the Healer, and this time he really found someone and something worth fighting for… Love.

The music was really good. There was a song in english as the main OST, and it stuck in my head because of that. Sometimes it is hard to let a Korean song get in your head because of the language barrier, so I was glad they decided to come closer to foreigners by using a song that everyone would understand and like.

I advise this drama to everyone, especially those who love action and suspense. Healer is able to build tension and release it through sweet and touching moments. Nowadays I am seeing less and less dramas able to do it, so I think you should watch Healer if you want a taste of a quality drama.

VOTE: 9/10


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