Girl Who Sees Smells – Ep 1 – 8 Review


Hello! Already night over here but I wanted to finish the day with a post. I have watched ep 7-8 of “Girl Who Sees Smells” and I needed to impress my feelings right now. I have decided to do so for all of the episodes so far since the first, this way I can review the other half until episode 16 when the drama will be over. As usual I warn you that my post will contain SPOILERS. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled up to Episode 8 of this drama.

Have a good read! 🙂

You may have already read my first impressions on this drama on last weeks’ post. Well, they haven’t changed. In fact, they have got better. Not to repeat myself but like I told you, this drama has caught me since the first episode. Maybe because it had a quick start and showed us the main story: there’s a killer who is still around and has just destroyed a family. Only the daughter is alive because she was not at home at the time of the homicide, and the killer thinks she has died too after he sees her in an accident that could have been fatal, if the girl would not wake up from the coma. There would be no story if that had happened, right?

Needless to repeat my view on the story. It looks intriguing. The first 3 or so episodes, it was predictable. I reached the same conclusions of the characters, but I didn’t give up because I was waiting for the surprise, and I got it. The writer of this drama has been good at plant hints about the killer and other small connections between the main leads. It made me wonder a lot, then when I realize who the killer of the bar code murders was, I was like this —> O.O. The actor, Nam Gong Min, is not doing a bad job because he is having a natural-good face that shows no emotion and while he does the bad deeds he has a psychopathic face that is not your typical psycho face. He reminds me of Ramsay Snow/Bolton on Game of Thrones. Looks like a good guy but he is indeed VERY evil.

It is rare that a second lead plays an evil character. Sure, this is not the first time, but second male leads (or female leads) are usually good-hearted and despite they can’t have the main leads, they don’t do exciting things in my opinion. In fact if I were an actress of a kdrama, I would not like the role of the second character because nothing surprising will happen to you and you won’t get the leads in the end. Ah! Sorry, I’m making it look as if the role of the second leads is bad, I just mean that when you are not the protagonist your storyline may be boring and boring storylines are a big turn off for me, this is why I rarely like second leads. The world of drama is anyhow different from Western TV. On Western TV a secondary character can actually achieve things if the writers deem him/her worthy of screentime and importance. Back to this drama, I like that there’s this evil character, Chef Kwon. He has acted like a mama’s boy nobody hates, but in the end he is the bad one and we even see him commit another homicide! I have been wondering why the writer decided to show us who the killer was instead of keeping his identity in the dark and surprise everyone. It is indeed a risky writing technique to reveal to the audience instead of making the audience wonder before truth is revealed. Some people may find this annoying and may not be interested to continue because they know who started the chain murders. Just my POV, of course. I think the ‘guessing game’ is more exciting than the ‘truth game’. Will see what will happen.

Showing the true face of the killer has risen some questions. First of all, why is he killing these people and how he choses his victims? Then, why does he make the victims write a diary as if it’s the story of their lives and what they like and hate? Why that if they will die? Why does Chef Kwon has the inability to see faces of people well? Is he some sort of experiment like Cho Rim and Moo Gak? Is the closed publishing house involved in this somehow? Too many questions, but this is good. These are the things that are making me watch the most, because they are interesting points. A killer can be fascinating in this sense, because it’s not always a futile motive that makes them kill. At times, there is vengeance or more behind a crime.

I naturally want to see the romance growing between the main leads as well. I think Shin Se Kyung and Yoochun have good chemistry. She has improved, and the love story that is unfolding between her character and Moo Gak, is believable. They like each other at this point, but there is still a barrier between them due to the fact that officer Choi is not able to feel and many times he looks emotionless because of this. All that they did so far was cute! ❤

I can say this first half of the drama was good for me. I would give it a 7.5/8. I hope that the second half can be as satisfying. Please, don’t let me down, writernim!


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