“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Review


Yesterday evening I have completed “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, a kdrama that aired during the summer of 2012, for those who do not know. The writer of this drama also wrote “Secret Garden”, “The Heirs” and will write Song Hye Kyo new drama, “Descendants of the Sun”. Her previous works have had a great success, so no wonder that this one also happened to have a great approbation from the audience. I read it also got to 30% during its air, and for a week-end drama that is a big result.

Before you start, I warn you. This review MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, so you should read at your own risk. 😉

Speaking of the story, this is a drama that can appeal to anyone. It is a romantic comedy filled with funny and serious moments taken from the lives of the four main gentlemen and the four main ladies. It is a classic work that not only can make you pass the time, it could also give you “tips” on your life because it deals with mature issues.

The characters are variegated, so anybody can relate to them.

The main gentlemen are all 40 years old. You would say, how can I relate to an ajeossi? You can, you can. These men seem old, but inside, they have never grown up. Despite being in an age where they should be married with children, these men depict the modern image of men who get engaged later because they do not want to get into a serious relationship with a woman and keep acting childish not to let anybody think too serious of them. The women are of different ages. There’s the one in her 20’s, two in their 30’s, and another in her 40’s. The women may seem more mature compared to the men, and in a certain way they are. At the same time, they are also immature inside, and some of them are jealous and don’t want to get serious with the men either. Since the main audience for week-end dramas is made of women, I guess that is why the writer decided to create four women of different ages and personalities. This way, we could all relate.

Let’s take a look at the couples and characters.


The main couple is made of Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) and Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul). Do Jin is an architect with the obsession to record his day on a USB pen because he claims he has an illness that makes him forget his memories sometimes. He is also a playboy, and we see him date several women at the same time on the drama. Yi Soo is an ethics’ teacher at an all male school. She is the classic female character of a drama: kind, generous, calm. She is a person who does not expect much from people and from life, because she thinks even happy moments may turn suddenly into bad ones. The couple meets on a rain day while Do Jin is waiting for a woman at a bar and Yi Soo is sheltering under an umbrella of the same place. He wants to take her to bed instantly, but he cannot even talk to her because she flies away from his sight. Is not long before the two meet, but I won’t describe you this second encounter if you already know/want to watch. This couple shared a lot through the 20 episodes, included tears and kisses. They looked like they were really in love, and their actions were also realistic. I think I can relate to them the most compared to the others.


The second couple is made of Im Tae San (Kim Su Ro) and Hong Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah). Compared to Do Jin, Tae San looks older and really 40. He was the grandpa of the four. While his friend dressed like a youngster to attract women, Tae San is more conscious of his age. His lady-love is Se Ra, or Hong Pro, Yi Soo’s best friend. Their story has had many ups and downs because sometimes they didn’t agree on various issues, like getting married and have children.


We have Lee Jeong Rok (Lee Jeong Hyuk) and Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan). They are the only married couple of the four, but it seems like they are not really married. Jeong Rok is the most childish of the men. His style is awesome, he is the fashion guru, and naturally he attracts lots of women of several ages, whose phone numbers are saved on his cell with absurd names ‘President Kang’, ‘Attorney Kim’… haha. Min Sook, his wife, is naturally jealous because her husband is handsome and easily talkative, so her undying jealousy makes her treat him very bad despite Jeong Rok only limits to have drinks and talk with the women he meets.


The last relationship showed the ‘scandalous’ love between Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jeong) and Im Me Ari (Yoon Jin Yi). Yoon is an attorney who lost his wife several years ago. He is the kindest of them all and maybe the most trustworthy. He is consumed by his guilt at first, because he likes Me Ari, who is only 24 years old and Tae San’s little sister. Me Ari has always liked her oppa, but her brother has always scolded her not to continue this thing that looks like a dangerous affair for a young woman. You know, here it wouldn’t be a big deal if a woman loved a man who is much older than her, but on Korean Drama this can be an issue. Yoon has held up until he reached his limit, because he knew that to move on after the death of his beloved wife he needed to love again.


The actors were all seniors besides Yoon Jin Yi, but you couldn’t feel the age gap. Everyone was fabulous, and I am happy that they chose to star in this drama, especially Jang Dong Gun because he usually makes movies.

The music was also an important part of the drama and every couple had their own theme song. It was all fit with the drama and the issues discussed on-screen.

In conclusion, A Gentleman’s Dignity is a realistic story. You won’t lose time if you watch this, because it is worth. The themes discussed on the show were mature, truthful, and the pace was nice. It didn’t have one moment that I hated or fast forwarded. There was no irrational love triangle nor annoying secondary characters. Each one of the males and the females was given importance and you came to sympathize with their story. Ah, to have more dramas like this. There were also KPOP idols making cameos! 😉 I could not erase anybody from this drama because they were like the pieces of a puzzle, they completed each other. And each one of them had their own funny personality; I laughed a lot while watching this. Each matter was treated with the due attention without delaying too much or drag the story like many other shows do. When an issue came up, the writer was quick to resolve it in a mature and smart way. So compliments to her!

Tweety’s final rating is 8.5/10



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  1. I plan to give this one a try someday! I really love the OST though, especially My Love. That’s been one of my favorites for a few years now.


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