My advice: The best apps to edit pictures on smarthphone

Hello ^^ I said this blog would contain my thoughts but also my suggestions and whatnot. Well, here comes one of my opinions and it is about our beloved phones.

Many times on my fan Instagram account I have been asked what kind of program do I use to edit pictures in a certain way, in a way that they look like they were edited on Photoshop, so to speak.

Since my first Android phone back in 2012, I have tried to look for something like that. I am a PS lover, have used it since I was a teen, but let’s face it, it’s HEAVY. You cannot use it on your phone because it would be too hard and not everyone is able to manage it, then it is better to find some substitutes.

Of all the apps I have tried so far, these are in my opinion, the best ones. You can edit, make collages, and above all, crop pictures to upload on Instagram without needing to delete parts of them.

Let’s see what they are.

1. Autodesk PIXLR


This app is really great. Not only it is avaiable for smarthphone, but also for PC. You can edit single pictures and collages (up to 10 pictures), add filters, edit the usual stuff such as lightning and contrast, blur, and you can also add textures and other stuff. It looks very professional.

PROs: good number of filters, textures, and texts to use. Possiblity to do a “double exposition”, meaning that you can set the fusion on different settings on a collage. If you don’t like how the pics fit in the layout you choose, you can change it while editing.

CONs: you cannot edit filters too much, nor change the fusion of the textures on the pictures, which means if you like a texture but it doesn’t blend well with what you are doing, you cannot use it.

Download Link (Google Play) – Download Link (Apple Store)

2. PhotoGrid


PhotoGrid is as good as PIXLR but it has less filters and I don’t like most of them. You can create cool collages with this, choose a layout with customized background, apply stickers and small decor. It is more fit for Instagram casual pictures, not professional pics unless you just use the filters. You can also create video collages with music.

PROs: cute stickers, backgrounds and decent filters. Possibility to create a video collage.

CONs: you cannot edit filters much.

Download Link (Google Play) – Download Link (Apple Store)

3. No Crop for Instagram


This is a very useful and spartan app to put full size photos on any background. I use this the most when I only have to post a single picture and I don’t want to crop it. There are a lot of filters over here as well, and stickers to put on the pictures.

PROs: many layouts, neat design when you have to resize a picture, many backgrounds.

CONs: you cannot change the layout after you pick one. At times it is slow to load. Annoying text editing. Like I said, I mostly use it for single or simple collages.

Download Link (Google Play) – Download Link (Apple Store)

4. PicsArt


Before I discovered PIXLR, this was the best app to edit for me. It is still good: it has a lot of filters (even tho I don’t like most of them), and lots of NICE textures. I love the textures of this program, because they are really a lot. You can add stickers here too, and edit curves and other details you can also edit on Photoshop, and this a good factor. Definitely a must.

PROs: many textures and filters. Easy to use.

CONs: when it updates, it happened many times that I couldn’t open it. It acts up a lot.

Download Link (Google Play) – Download Link (Apple Store)

5. aillis (formerly LINE CAMERA)


The other day I found this app on my phone and I was lost, then I found out it was LINE Camera and it had just changed its name! This app also makes collages possible. I love the filters, you can also manipulate the photos and apply high quality retouch. I have to figure out all of the features yet, but I think it’s very good.

PROs: many filters, stickers, retouching features.

CONs: some of the nice features like the stickers, are not free.

Download Link (Google Play) – Download Link (Apple Store)


That’s it for now!

Next time I will tell you about the best video editing apps and the best selfie apps. ^^ ❤


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